Hey now baby, get into my big black car

I wanna just show you what my politics are.

Poilitical man and I practice what I preach

So don’t deny me baby not while you’re in my reach.

Lyrics: Jack Bruce, Pete Brown © Sony/ATV Music Publishing Ltd.

In a recent online conversation, Gerald Celente encouraged Jason Liosatos to look up the definition of ‘politician’. I’m not sure which source Jason chose but a couple of definitions apposite to this post are:-

A person who uses public office to advance personal or partisan interests (Webster’s College Dictionary).

A person who engages in politics out of a wish for personal gain, as realized by holding a public office (Collins English Dictionary).

See more at The Free Dictionary.

Melanie Shaw is currently being held in HMP Styal. It isn’t clear why she was locked up initially. She was a victim of sexual abuse at Beechwood Children’s Home in Nottinghamshire and she “blew the whistle”. One of her alleged abusers, as yet unnamed, was a well-known politician. Melanie’s maltreatment in prison now, amounting to torture, is clearly intended to silence her. The police, judiciary, and Conservative Party in “government” are all complicit in this attempt to cover up crimes against vulnerable children in care. UK Column has been reporting on Melanie’s case for at least four years. Their daily News items covering her appearance in court earlier this week are on YouTube but here is a link to a June 2018 report re-uploaded by GeeGee Tee.

A few days ago the American regime announced further sanctions against the Russian Federation for attempting to murder Sergei and Yulia Skripal in Salisbury. The Skripals survived the attack upon them. Children on a school bus in Yemen a couple of days ago were not so lucky.

I haven’t heard any British politicians speaking out against what was done to the Yemeni children (because most of them support the war), or against the vile treatment of Melanie Shaw and thousands of other children (because they are, it appears, guilty by association).

Feeling the Heat

Radio 5 Live’s Breakfast News majored on The Great Distraction this morning – the Premier League season kicks off this evening – but earlier this week I was shocked to hear Climate Change mentioned. What? Hothouse Earth, 200 feet of sea-level rise, some parts of the globe uninhabitable? Auntie rarely touches this subject and I wondered if these predictions were Project Fear offerings,

But no, it was just a 20-second piece triggered by a new scientific paper released by Stockholm Resilience. (A PDF can be freely downloaded.)

It took about 70 years for a Frenchman, an Irishman, and a Swede to explain that it would be no joke to pump unnatural amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Joseph FOURIER “discovered” the greenhouse effect in 1824, John TYNDALL carried out experiments beginning in 1858 and Svante Arrhenius supplied quantitative data in 1896.

The path to Hell on Earth is clear now. It just requires humankind to do a collective about turn. Homo sapiens appears, though, to have a death wish.

1850_TYNDALLjohn2_PnkPDJohn TYNDALL looks rather slight in this portrait, made about 1853 by an unknown photographer (and in the public domain). He was, however, a strong, adventurous young man, known as much for mountaineering exploits as his scientific achievements. He didn’t marry until he was 55 years old. His wife, Louisa Charlotte HAMILTON was just thirty but the couple doesn’t appear to have produced children. John endured ill health as he entered his seventies and in early December 1893, Louisa made a mistake when giving him his night-time medication. He remarked upon the sweet taste of the sulfate of magnesia he was expecting and Louisa realized she had instead given him chloral. When she told him he said, “My poor darling, you have killed your John.” At the inquest, a verdict of accidental death was recorded and much sympathy afforded to Louisa.

John died at Hindhead House in Surrey and there is a photograph of his grave in the Francis Frith Collection. His name and achievements are more grandly represented in The Tyndall Centre in Manchester where, among the many scientists and engineers investigating climate change and global warming there are two of my favorite “explainers”, Kevin ANDERSON and Alice BOWS-LARKIN.

John Tyndall came from a humble background and this is reflected in the brevity of his male line on FamilySearch Tree. (One source claims a connection to William TYNDALE of Bible fame.) Louisa was from “the upper crust” and amongst her noble forebears, you will see a  number of the BOWES family going back to William (1389-1465).