Abstract 111 · Hunmanby Sands

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Alexander McPHERSON was born in Reighton to Thomas and Helena née BOWMAN. In 1871 there were six McPherson children living with their parents in King Street, Filey and one, Edwin, who made a brief appearance here a while back (AP 816 · birth · 15 May). Alexander was “the youngest son…working as a barman” in 1881. He was working as a barman ten years later but had given up Hope Street’s Imps for a pub in Hilderthorpe – and he had a wife and two little mouths to feed. He is not yet a husband and father on the Shared Tree.

The dead body of Mr Alexander McPherson, the Crescent, Bridlington, was recovered from the sea near the North Pier this morning. He was about 55 years old.

Yorkshire Evening Post, 25 September 1919

I chose Annie Maria HALLIDAY because I thought she would be a challenge. I wasn’t wrong. Baptised at Filey St Oswald’s, her father John’s occupation in the register is Station Master and his abode “Ryston”. There is such a village in Norfolk but that’s a long way from Filey. I think I made all the obvious searches but came up with nothing. Find my Past hints were unproductive and FamilySearch sources made my heart skip a beat once or twice but brought no reward. Curiously, I happened upon Ann Halliday in Filey, 61, a single woman in 1891, working as a stationer.

John SAYERS and Bothia BEAN married at St Oswald’s and all seven of their children were born in Filey. The Shared Tree calls her “Bethia” but she has another half-dozen variants so what does it matter? John was a fisherman and did well to reach the age of 63. He left Bothia a couple of decades as a widow. She lived longer than most of her children.

Without the addition of his mother’s birth family name, Major MAJOR might have been mercilessly ribbed throughout his life. His GRO Index birth registration is rather comical…

Major was a fisherman and he is buried in the churchyard at Flamborough St Oswald’s. He had two children with Elizabeth Jenkinson MAINPRIZE and their family home in North Place was her last address when she died, almost twenty years after she was widowed.

Nathaniel ROW seems to have been misremembered on a flat tombstone in Filey churchyard.

Row 1 | 92 Row G6 | Flat stone

Here lies the body of ROBT., the son of ROBT. and ANN ROW, who departed this life the 25th day of January 1770, aged 67.

(Illegible verse)

Also near this stone lieth the body of FRANCIS ROW, Master Mariner, son of the above ROBERT ROW, who departed this life March 4th 1791, aged 33 years

Also are deposited near this stone the remains of WILLIAM ROW, Master Mariner, son of the above named ROBERT ROW. He departed this life on November 27th 1799 aged 36 years.

(Illegible verse)

Crimlisk Survey 1977

Nathaniel ROW departed his life five days after William at an age that almost fits his Blue Hint baptism (as Nathaniel Roe) on 15 March 1761. (Another source gives 15 Mar 1762.)

Inside St Oswald’s Church, there is a memorial inscription against the west wall of the south transept that reads –

Near this place lies the body of Nathaniel Leake, who departed this life the 19th of January,

1774, aged 69 years.

Also, Rachel his wife, died 23rd of February, 1784, aged 81 years.

Rachel, their daughter, died in her minority.

Francis, their son, died at South Shields, the 16th of January, 1766, aged 40 years.

And Edward, their son, Master Mariner, departed this life the 17th of July, 1788, aged 56 years.

His life tho’ short he laboured to improve

In trade, in virtue, and in social love;

His heart was good, religiously inclined;

His temper sweet, benevolent and kind;

His manners open, generous and free;

He was a man, such as a man could be.

This stone was erected by Nathaniel Row, nephew to the above Edward Leake.

Measure of Man 89 · Sea Wall

Mary Jane WATKINSON was Dennison IRELAND’s second wife. He married Sarah HARRISON at Sherburn near Scarborough in September 1882 but she died not long after the birth of their son Herbert James. Dennison waited four years before remarrying and I have a record of only one child born to him and Mary Jane. We will have to wait for the couple to be married on the Shared Tree. (A Blue Hint on Mary’s record points the way.)

In 1939, William Donald ATKIN was hotel manager at the Three Tuns in Murray Street when Agnes DIXON was the licensee. After his death over forty years later a small stone noting his passing was placed on Agnes’s grave. Partially hidden now, the EYFHS Survey gives the transcription –

WILLIAM DONALD ATKIN, died 1st December 1984, much loved and devoted husband of WINNIE and dear father of CHRISTOPHER.

Winnie’s stone is adjacent.

Winifred May is the younger sister of Davina Whitby née THOMSON whose stone was pictured yesterday and is next to Winifred’s.

Thomas Hanfield RUSSELL’s grave is a “kerb type” that is almost impossible to keep tidy. Below is a placeholder photo where it looks rather desolate between two standing stones.

Row 25 | 536 Russell G416 | Granite kerb

In memory of THOMAS H. RUSSELL, fell asleep Nov 28th 1922, aged 65.

HANNAH, beloved wife, May 22nd 1935, aged 83.

WILLIAM MASON, eldest son, Feb 12th 1920, aged 33.

‘At rest’

Crimlisk Survey 1977

Trees 83 · Dawn at Ship Inn Yard

Davina was the second of four daughters born in Selby to Tom THOMSON and Emily SAVAGE (AP 1440 · birth · 24 August). Third daughter Christina Reid died at the age of two but Davina went on to make a century. She married Geoffrey George WHITBY, a young RAF Sergeant, at St Oswald’s in 1943.

Davina’s sisters provided her with nephews who loved her. The Shared Tree has given Davina a twin transgender brother.

Reginald was born at Brayton near Selby on 11 November 1902. In September 1939 he was a cowman, assisting his father at Moat Farm, Brayton. In 1921 he was living at the farm with his parents Tom and Matilda, brothers Herbert and Donald, sister-in-law Clara and nephew Claude.

Elizabeth was baptised at Filey St Oswald’s and Rev A N Cooper entered HOLDER in the register. When curate Thomas Kemp solemnized her parents’ marriage in 1864, he gave their names as David Holder and Catherine GARDNER. The couple signed the register.

Catherine believes she is definitely a GARDINER. David isn’t interested in clarity but I would go for HALDER – but what is that curious mark before D for David?

At St Oswald’s in October 1912, there is no ambiguity in Elizabeth’s firm hand after making her vows to William FLETCHER. (Her mother would have dotted the I.)

In 1921, Elizabeth filled out the census form, naming herself and her son George Henry at 28 Fairfax Avenue, Selby. Eighteen years later William, working as a grocer’s lorry driver, is recorded at this address with Elizabeth and three people who don’t appear to be relatives at first glance. Elizabeth died in Selby aged 78.

976 Hamcoat C29 Flat Stone  

Sacred to the memory of WILLIAM HAMCOAT of Filey, who died Nov 30th 1816, aged 83.

Also to MARGARET HAMCOAT, wife of the above, who died May 19 1817, aged 77.

Also of MARGARET HUNTLEY, widow of Capt. ROBERT HUNTLEY of Scarboro’, the granddaughter of the above, who died Mar 16th 1885, aged 88.

Crimlisk Survey 1977

Hannah HUDSON was 20 years old when she died. On FG&C she is completely alone with not a scrap of information about her forebears. Find my Past offers the 1841 census and although it has a 77% rating it looks good. Her father Robert is a schoolmaster, married to Ann [SAWDON], and Hannah is the eldest of four children. The family is living in Scarborough Road Filey. Robert, Ann and Hannah’s younger sister Elizabeth’s siblings can be followed in subsequent censuses. For the last years of her long life, Ann lived with Elizabeth, the man she married, and seven or more grandchildren in Falsgrave.

A Milkman’s Daughter

Today’s list of birthday celebrants was short and I had to go a few miles to Flixton/Folkton to meet Sarah Ann BLAND. Her father James William was a Scarborian who married Alice Jane FORDAN at St Mary’s in April 1892. Edith was born in Scarborough but the next two children, Sarah Ann and George William took their first breaths in their mother’s home village of Flixton. On census night 1901, they were sheltering an additional family member, brother-in-law Harry RAPER. Harry had married a sister of James and worked as a groom.

This was the last England census to record this Bland family. In 1910, with the addition of James junior born in 1902 (in Flixton probably), they were 3,000 miles away in Connecticut. It seems that Tamar Fordan, Alice’s older sister, had blazed the trail before the new century began. The milkman and his wife followed after the birth of young James but did not take Sarah Ann with them. At the age of fourteen, she sailed to America on her own aboard Lucania. A record shows that her uncle John PINKNEY witnessed her safe departure from Liverpool and her father greeted her at Ellis Island. (Uncle John had married Mary Ann, another older sister of Alice.)

Sarah Ann was absent from the family home when the 1910 census was taken. The Shared Tree, bless it, shows that she hadn’t died. She married a PASSERINE – no details of his specie offered – but there is a photo of her headstone on Find a Grave.

As I write this, Harry HUTCHINSON is all alone on the Shared Tree. His father, Tom, a bricklayer born in Langtoft, has no forebears on Filey Genealogy &Connections and his mother doesn’t have many – but she does possess a FamilySearch ID [G716-359] and two of her Blue Hints marry her to Tom. Harry appears to have lived his life on the ocean wave. The inscription on his well-kept grave’s kerb in Filey churchyard reads ‘HARRY HUTCHINSON R.N. died 1st November 1968 aged 59 years’. My placeholder image shows just part of it. Two of four people remembered on flat stones are Mary Hutchinson (1917-2001) and her husband Reginald John MORGAN F.C.A. (1911-1983).

The grave is a few yards from the door Harry passed through in 1908 on his way to the font.

Thomas BUCKLE and Elizabeth FOWLER married at St Oswald’s Filey, but their lives began in Seamer and Harwood Dale respectively. They both appear more than once on the Shared Tree. In 1851, they had three children with them at Irton Moor Cottage, and two more may have died earlier.

Thomas Arnold MORLEY was born in Sheffield but married Vivienne CORSBY at St Oswald’s in 1935. At the outbreak of war in 1939, he was living on The Crescent in Filey, employed as a wood machinist. He joined the Royal Engineers and died while on active service at Stow on the Wold, Gloucestershire. His body was brought to Filey for burial.

Cecil PEARSON was born in Filey and married  Kathleen Marion TAYLOR at St Oswald’s in April 1942. He worked as a motor mechanic and was living on Rutland Street at the time of his death.

Found Object 75 · On the Beach

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A Man of Cotton

Filey Genealogy & Connections is almost completely silent about Arthur ASPELL, offering just his birth year and date of burial. An imposing Celtic cross in the churchyard remembering his wife Sarah Ann suggests he was a man of substance. (You already know what the substance is.)

The 1911 census describes him as a “gentleman private means” and keeping him company in his grief at 11 The Crescent (aka Broomfield House) are visitors Emma WARD (from Rutland) and Arthur’s 10-year-old niece Mary CHEATHAM (from Middleton, his Lancashire home town). Four servants run the household. Emma, a married woman three years younger than Arthur, was a witness at his wedding to Sarah Ann STOTT of Cayton seven years earlier and therefore surely beyond reproach.

Arthur’s adopted daughter was Mary, his “niece” in the 1911 census. Her surname is “Cheetham” in a news report in 1913 regarding his will. With the exception of four legacies of £100 each, Arthur left the entirety of his estate to Mary and her issue and if that “failed” the estate’s value, estimated at £50,000, would go to charity – specifically to Manchester Infirmary and Scarborough Hospital in equal shares. (I hope Mrs Ward was one of the four individual beneficiaries.)

Rachel Emily HUTTON was baptised at the Ebenezer in Filey 29 days after her birth in Gristhorpe. She married railway signalman Arthur Porter LATHERTON in Middlesbrough in 1900 and had six or seven children with him. Her death at the age of 92 was registered in Howden.

If I drew up a list of Great Filonians, Herbert Liddell CORTIS would be my top man. Search for him online if you want to know why.

George William TURNER was an Essex man, the son of an agricultural labourer. He worked mostly as a general labourer so how he came to fetch up in Filey is a mystery. He also worked as a brickie’s labourer – and his father-in-law was a bricklayer. After the births of five children in Filey parish, the family moved briefly up to Loftus in North Yorkshire, where Elizabeth Ann was born, and then returned to Lebberston for the birth and death of George William junior in late 1911.   In 1921, George filled out the census form in Hunslet – three young adult children were still living with their parents.  The deaths of George William and Elizabeth were registered in Scarborough.

Ann Cappleman CAMMISH married Matthew Jenkinson COLLING at St Oswald’s in 1905. The youngest of her four sons, William Cammish Colling, drowned from SS Langleecrag in 1947. Search online for the name of the ship or ‘Great Sacred Island’ for information and photographs.

Row 9 | 235 Colling G165

In memory of a dear husband and father, MATTHEW JENKINSON COLLING, died 8th Feb 1957, aged 78.

‘Sadly missed’

ANN CAPPLEMAN COLLING beloved wife of the above, died 28 Nov 1964, aged 83.


Crimlisk Survey 1977

Sea 50 · Smoke on the Water

Filey Bay

Water 60 · Martin’s Ravine

The TRATTLES pedigree on the Shared Tree is extensive and it is noticeable how firmly its representatives hold fast to the east coast of England around the Tees estuary. Filey only comes into the picture because Thomas Trattles married the daughter of fisherman John ‘Traf’ CAMMISH. Filey Genealogy & Connections claims Susannah was born in the town but FamilySearch goes for Whitby. If that is true, how come she was baptised at Filey St Oswald’s? Her mother Hannah THEAKER was from Hinderwell though, so marriage at Whitby and living in Staithes, where Thomas had a shop, makes sense. She was only 28 when she died, shortly after the birth of her fourth child.  Thomas married again and his many descendants owe their lives to Sarah CALVERT.

Cicely Ferrar GERMAN is a first cousin of Arthur FERRAR (AP 2 · baptism · 1 January), their common ancestors being William Wilson Ferrar and Annie GREEN. She was baptised at Filey St Oswald’s and married Harold Jackson BEST there in September 1927. In 1939 they were living in Southport, Lancashire, where Harold worked as an Insurance Surveyor. Cicely’s death was registered in Eastbourne, Sussex, in March 1966 and Harold’s in Southport twelve years later. Cicely is not yet a wife and mother on the Shared Tree.

On the day of his marriage, Richard BOWMAN signed the register “BOOMER” and several of his younger siblings are Baby Boomers in the GRO Births Index. But he is Bowman when he dies – and on the Shared Tree. He was only 31 ­and left an infant son to be raised by Sarah. The boy was eight when Milner SAWDEN became his stepfather and in 1895 he married Elizabeth FERRAR, who happens to be the aunt of Cicely Ferrar German (above). Sarah and Richard were buried in Filey churchyard but neither has a memorial stone.

Walter George KEEBLE was born in Lowestoft (Mutford Registration District), the son of a Quay Labourer. At sixteen, he lived in the family’s Suffolk home and worked as a cart boy. Ten years later he was living in The Avenue, Filey, working as a fish packer. He had married his boss’s daughter in 1919 and the Find my Past transcription of the 1921 census gives them a five-year-old daughter, Evelyn Abigail Keeble. On the census form, Walter declared her surname to be HALL. His wife Lilian Elizabeth SCOTTER had married Albert W HALL towards the end of 1915 and he had died on the Western Front the following year. Albert was an AP just over two weeks ago (AP 1933 · death · 11 November).

Row 14 | 1975 Scotter E124 | Grey granite

In dear memory of a devoted husband and father, RICHARD F. SCOTTER, entered into a fuller life Feb 1st 1934, aged 64 years.

‘A diligent servant of the Great Master’

Also of his wife MARY WHEELER SCOTTER, at rest Nov 28th 1948.

Also WALTER GEORGE KEEBLE, fell asleep Nov 27th 1963, aged 68 years.

Also his beloved wife LILLIAN KEEBLE, died June 10th 1971, aged 74 years.

‘At rest’

Crimlisk Survey 1977

What the Dickins?

Birthday girl today was to have been Edith Alice Milner DICKENS. She appears in Filey Genealogy & Connections, looking rather suspicious.

She has the right dates and has been given in marriage to Wallace CAPPLEMAN, a previous Anniversary Person (AP 1700 · birth · 6 October). There is no sign of “Milner” on the Shared Tree…

… and Edith has a different birth year. Her Shared Tree parents are Charles DICKINS and Catherine Ann HUNSLEY. The GRO Index offers its support – but note the birth year AND its Quarter.

From memory, I think people were allowed six weeks in which to register the birth of a child. Edith’s parents took their time to register and waited almost three years before arranging her baptism.

What about little Miss Edith Alice Milner?

Rose COWTON was brought to the Ebenezer Chapel font when only sixteen days old. She married farm waggoner John Davison JEFFERSON at Folkton Church on 28 March 1921. Her death was recorded in the first quarter of 1971 and John’s in the second.

John’s father is on the Shared Tree [L287-RZ7] with his second wife Sabina STEPHENSON. He married John’s mother Jane Elizabeth DAVISON in 1895 when she was 27 years old. The Shared Tree has married her to a man twice her age, in Ontario, Canada.

John HUBBARD has 12 sources on the Shared Tree. He has married Mary JENKINSON but the eleven children they have on Filey Genealogy & Connections are not yet allocated to them. One of John’s sources is the 1861 census where two children are listed. FG&C has failed to record firstborn Elizabeth, who may have to be listed with others who died as infants. Mother Mary died a month after her twelfth child Jane was baptised. John lived long enough to see one of his daughters marry.

An impostor has taken Sarah SHARP’s place on the Shared Tree.

Sarah is remembered on a headstone in Filey Churchyard.

Two Joshua Trees?

| | PATH Row 8 |1200 Fountain D95

In loving memory of our dear sister SARAH ANN, the beloved wife of JOSHUA FOUNTAIN, who died Nov 23 1910, aged 79 years

‘Thy Will be Done.’

Also of the above JOSHUA FOUNTAIN, who died Jan 20 1923, aged 86 years.


Crimlisk Survey 1977

For more on Sarah Ann JACKSON see Two Pubs and a Fountain. “Our dear sister” in the headstone transcription can perhaps be explained by the presence of Lucy Jackson at Foord’s Hotel on census night 1911. She is Sarah Ann’s unmarried sister and may have been helping out there for several years.

There remains the mystery of the Joshua Fountain who married Sarah Ann WHEATLEY in Nottingham in 1875, less than a year before “our Joshua” married Sarah Ann Jackson.

Sky 32 · King Sol

Lost and Found

Filey Promenade

Nine fishermen drowned when the steam drifter Research grounded on Smithwick Sands and then capsized. Their bodies were never found. When I wrote about the tragedy five years ago, two of the lost men, Ted and George, were missing from the Shared Tree. They are there now.

This is from Filey: Fishing Faith and Family since 1800 by Irene Allen and Andrew Todd –

Two other JENKINSON brothers, Edwin Chapman and George…sons of John Matthew, Sled’s distant cousin, also drowned from Research. John Matthew was better known in Fileyas Jossie Buggins. George Burton knew the Buggins well. Edwin (Teddy Fat) was about 21 at the time of his death: ‘he allus had taithwack and a shawl wrapped around his jaw, and always had a bloody great gob full o’ taffy…and a woodbine at the same time’. George, only 16, was very quiet.

For more on the entertainer “Andie CAINE” see Pierrot.

Row 15 | 1990 Caine F158 | Pierrot’s Hat

Lena’s probate entry is at slight odds with her inscription.

Mark of Man 105 · Royal Parade

Batman and Smith

Gun-toting John Bulmer SMITH is the son of today’s baptism anniversary person. A note in Filey Genealogy & Connections says he was with his maternal grandparents in Muston in 1871 and 1881. I couldn’t find his parents in the England and Wales censuses taken in those years and discovered the reason later. John Bulmer senior and his wife Hannah had gone to France. The 1901 census records the return to Yorkshire. John was in Scarborough, working as a coachman, married and living with his two French offspring, “Joseph Duelli Smith”, a butcher, and domestic servant Annie Elizabeth. John’s wife Hannah is not at home on census night. She may have been a patient at the Insane Asylum in York. I have not been able to determine their ultimate fates. Too many Smiths…

Row 2 | 1741 Dale E17

Treasured memories of our dear parents, JESSIE DALE, died 29th January 1929, aged 48.

GEORGE DALE, died 10th February 1967 aged 86    


Crimlisk Survey 1977

Killed at Dunkirk

Frank Edward GRICE was baptised at Filey St Oswald’s. He was about nine months old when his father Frank [GH7Y-7L4] died. His mother Kate married Richard MAULSON in May 1915 and in 1921 Frank was sharing 9 Reynolds Street with a stepbrother and three half-brothers. Filey Genealogy & Connections doesn’t give us his peacetime occupation but in January 1940 he crossed the Channel to France with the 4th Battalion of the Green Howards. Many of Frank’s brothers-in-arms were back home by the summer but he didn’t survive the retreat from Dunkirk and is buried at Nine Elms British Cemetery at Poperinge.

You can follow him in the last months of his life here. He is remembered on the Murray Street Memorial and there is a photograph of his headstone at Nine Elms here.

Charles Herbert SPIVEY was the son of one Primitive Methodist minister and the father of another. (His paternal grandfather was a carpet weaver.) He was baptised at the Ebenezer in Union Street, Filey and at the age of thirty, he married Annie Mayfield WRIGHT in Sheffield. They had a son, Ronald Vincent in 1907. Charles wandered the country, as most Methodist ministers did, and retirement found him in Great Yarmouth in September 1939. He died in Torquay fifteen years later, a man of means.

The value of Charles’ effects today is about £700,000.

Martha is the only BRADFORD in my Filey database and she may never have left her home county of Lincolnshire. Her granddaughter Lucy DUNDERDALE [L2QL-GL5] was born in Cottingham and at Filey St Oswald’s in 1919 she married Thomas Robert WALLER (AP 17 · death · 3 January and fstID GN3G-QBN). Martha has a substantial pedigree on the Shared Tree but George William (Lucy’s father) is not one of her eleven children. A blue hint for fifth child William makes a case for George’s inclusion – and the link to Filey can then be made.

John Gallienne PHILLIPS, born in Wales at Pembroke Dock, married Kate VARLOW in Glanford Brigg, Lincolnshire in 1907. They set up a home in Doncaster where, in 1911, John was a “fancy draper”. In 1939 he was retired and incapacitated, living with Kate in Station Road, Filey. Kate died in 1944 and John had to manage without her for another six years. Both are buried in Filey churchyard but there is no record of a headstone in the Crimlisk or EYFHS Surveys

Water 59 · Martin’s Ravine