Shirt Sleeve Weather

It didn’t feel that warm. Thin-blooded ancients like me kept their fleeces on, but very small children removed most of their clothes for the serious work of building castles on the sand. And there were games of cricket.

This afternoon in Aberdeenshire, Aboyne recorded Scotland’s highest February temperature since 1897; 18.3°C. Filey peaked at 15.5°C at about 2 o’clock, while on this day 2010, (when Today’s Image was made), the maximum in Whitby was 2.3°C.

Where would we be without global dimming? The skies above Glen Gardens reminded me of the phenomenon.


These are commercial trails, made by jetliners from Munich, Amsterdam and Wroclaw, (Easyjet, KLM and Ryanair Sun), all heading for Edinburgh. Not wilful geo-engineering.

Lives Cut Short

James VARLEY arrived to “keep” The Crescent Hotel in about 1877. He was experienced in the trade, having helped his parents to run The Cross Keys in Market Place, Hull, for many years.

James’ monument in St Oswald’s churchyard is a distinctive and emblematic broken column and recalls two lives that didn’t last as long as they should have. His second child, Henry James, had an accident while playing, or perhaps helping out, at Church Cliff Farm. A cut became infected with Clostridium tetani and within a few days, he died at the Hotel, aged ten.

Six years earlier, Henry’s mother had died, a day after her thirtieth birthday.


In 1901, James was living on Crescent Hill with his unmarried daughter Clara. He died in Hunmanby five years later, aged 62, and was brought to Filey for burial.

I wrote a short post about the family on Looking at Filey: Suffer Little Children. I didn’t know back then what had become of Clara but today found a death registration in York that may be hers. If confirmed, she didn’t marry and reached the age of 93.

James and his parents were on FST, and Kate’s mother had an ID too. I will add some more Varleys and Morrishes and, perhaps, hit upon a connection to a more extensive pedigree.

Today’s Image

I was shocked to discover how old the “new bridge” on Filey Promenade is. Here’s a photo taken two years earlier (to the day)…