Adventures in the Kin Trade

Adventures may seem a bit strong. Sitting at a computer searching for information about people long dead really doesn’t offer much prospect of excitement, does it? Well, when you’ve almost reached your biblically allotted span and expect to “pass on” at any moment it’s good to have an activity that thumbs its nose at arthritic joints and synapses winking out at an ever increasing rate. (The computer never forgets.) I have long had a predisposition to create spreadsheets and databases for the fun of it but employing my few learned skills to help others find, store and share genealogical information raises the activity to a somewhat higher level.

Pondering a tag line for this blog I totally misremembered a book I read in my thirties. In checking for the publication date I was surprised to discover that William Goldman’s Adventures in the Screen Trade was written in 1983. His subject was Hollywood and screenwriting and his chosen title tipped a fedora to Dylan Thomas. The Welsh bard’s book of stories, Adventures in the Skin Trade, is what I had in mind and wanted to be punny about. I can still recall chunks of Fern Hill (memorised to impress a girl) but have no recollection of reading the Thomas adventures. I did read Screen but it failed to set me on the road to Tinsel Town.

I fetched up here, on the Yorkshire coast, with no great expectations for my actuarially limited future as a kin tradesman. I will do my best to inform and entertain and if I can persuade just one reader to seek family adventures of their own…

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