St Oswald’s Church, Filey

Although it seems unnecessary on most occasions, I usually tag “Filey” on to any mention of St Oswald’s. There is a namesake church at nearby Flamborough.

I’m offering this link to the ArcGIS Church of England Parish Map because it is such great resource for anyone with ancestors in this country. (Just put any parish of interest in the search box.)

Filey’s parish church is just visible at the right edge of Today’s Image (previous post). For any readers unfamiliar with this corner of England the photo has three other geographical features that figure in this blog and so may help you get your bearings. North Sea to the left, Filey Bay to the right hemmed in by the chalk cliffs of Flamborough Head. The photo was taken from (roughly) this location: 54.223702, -0.291269. If you have Google Earth installed copy and paste the coordinates into its search box, otherwise try Bing Maps (Curiously, Google Maps was flummoxed by the numbers when I punched them in.)

1955_IanWall_mLI’m sure you’ll be tempted to fly around a bit while you’re in either space. It is a few years since I looked to see what the satellites make of my childhood home and was surprised to see that the current owner (or a recent one) has put a door in the wall of what used to be the outside toilet. I can’t resist sharing this circa 1955 photograph of me posing against this very wall. 53.765914, -0.323161



Filey churchyard is where most of my research into families begins and I have taken to walking through on most of my daily walks. This photo was taken at dusk a couple of weeks ago.


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