Baby Boomers


Frank GRICE didn’t make it over the “trauma hump”. Nowadays the increasing probability of dying between the ages of 15 and 25 is mostly associated with accidents (young drivers killing themselves and their friends) but a check on causes of death graphs for 1891-1900, for age range 15 to 24, show it is likely that Frank succumbed to phthisis (pulmonary tuberculosis). For males in this cohort violent death is the second biggest killer. I found no news report of his accidental death in the Scarborough Mercury; there wasn’t even a death notice.

The fine stone in Filey churchyard remembers him, his parents and three siblings who died in infancy. He was eleven when Dickinson died aged about a month and fourteen when Alice departed a week after her first birthday. George William died ten years before Frank was born.


On FamilySearch it appears that Frank was the firstborn of Richard GRICE [MGPK-XBQ] and Hannah BOWMAN [K8HF-2DR]. Not so. Kath’s Filey Genealogy & Connections has eleven children and maybe that is all of them.

Richard and Hannah have a different ID on the (Wiki) Tree for each of the children that have a baptismal record picked up by “the system”. Were the others not baptised?

I checked the births of Grice children in the Scarborough Registration District who had a mother called BOWMAN and found only five. They were not the five on FST.

The mother’s maiden name for the firstborn (George William the First) was recorded and/or transcribed as BOWMER, as was child 8, Fanny. Children 2, 3, 4 and 7 were born to mother BOOMER. Francis (Frank) was an odd child out in that his mother was a BOWMAN but his father a GRACE!

This begs the question, “Are these baby Boomers on FST?” They are not, so perhaps they were not baptised – or their baptismal record has slipped through the FST net. Kate was a BOOMER but she is on FST as a BOWMAN [MV83-2XY] though without  a christening source attached.

A month or so ago I had no idea how useful the GRO Online Index was for enabling the completion of family units. Then I happened upon Kathryn Grant’s BYU Webinar titled Finding a Woman’s Maiden Name Using the GRO Site. My research life will never be the same again.

If you are a Yorkshire Coast GRICE and are interested in expanding Richard and Hannah’s family on FST I suggest you begin by removing the parental Dupe records and then turn to Filey Genealogy & Connections for help. George William the Second married into a Filey family that will take you back further than a founding father of the Filey JENKINSON dynasty – Robert [K8H1-45C].



Today’s Image (previous post) was taken from one of the nicely mown paths on the Reighton Sands Holiday Park. In less than an hour you could stroll to the base of the chalk cliffs straight ahead (except at high tide) but your route must be circuitous if you heed warning notices on the perimeter of the wooded valley. Follow the green line on the Google Earth satellite view below to get down to Speeton Sands in relative safety. The steps at the top of the cliff are steep and the slope near the bottom slippery when wet. The bit in the middle, part of the old Donkey Trod, I think, is lovely in summer. (There was a trade in coprolites for a short time in the mid-19th century and donkeys carried the fossilized poop of large sea reptiles and fishes up to the railway for onward transport to Hull.)


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