Filey Stalwart

Carr DIXON, Bridlington born, a linen draper and milliner, died aged 77 and his funeral took place this day 1909. His representation on FamilySearch Tree is minimal [ID MGHV-YBV] and Kath’s Filey Genealogy & Connections doesn’t have much more to add to his pedigree, though if you hit the children tabs you will gather quite a few of them.

I wrote a post about Carr on 28th June 2012, A Man of Weight in which I promised to try to discover the circumstances of the early deaths of his son George Frederick in 1897 (aged sixteen)  and his grandson Henry Waller  “Rennie” DIXON in 1924 (aged nineteen). I failed to keep that promise five years ago – and didn’t find anything online about either young man this afternoon. A note for George Frederick on FG&C states:-

…we deeply regret to say that considerable gloom was thrown over the whole town, owing to the funeral that day of a son of Mr Carr Dixon.  Deceased was a fine lad of 16 whose death was due to an accident. Every sympathy was expressed for the bereaved parents, the hymn sung at the funeral “Brief life is here our portion” having a melancholy appropriateness. The Vicar never made such individual remarks when young fisherboys were lost!

I would guess that the last sentence is Kath’s observation, the rest perhaps from the Scarborough Mercury.

I was amused to read in the old post, “As it came on to rain this afternoon I photographed the Dixon headstone.” It started to rain last night and hasn’t stopped all day. We need it though, being about 230mm short this meteorological year compared to the last.

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