My Scandinavian Cousins

A week ago I introduced you to my great grandfather, Martin NIELSEN. A couple of days ago I emailed the six people on the list of 68 matches sent to me by My Heritage who I thought most likely to be distant cousins. Five live in Norway, one in Denmark.  The first reply came the next day from Norway and this morning a follow up message included a link to the Skedsmo Parish Church baptismal entry referenced by FamilySearch. Martin (not “Marthin” FST ID 27N3-5G7) is at the bottom of the page.

I had been concerned that my great grandfather had given his birthplace at the 1911 Census as Christiania – but Skedsmo is only about 20 kms away. Martin’s father was called Erik, a common boy’s name in the 19th century, but my first responder’s great grandfather was an Eriksen born in the 1870s so here’s hoping….

(I won’t name my cousins until I have their permission to do so.)

Oh, a second reply has just arrived from Denmark. I must attend to it straight away!

Today’s image (previous post) was pulled from stock yesterday and is therefore coincidentally a “rural scene”. From this morning’s email:-

Parents are stated as Husm. (=husmann=farmer on a small, rented farm) Niels Eriksen and wife Kirsti Halvorsdr. (=Halvorsdatter, Halvor’s daughter), living at “Skedsmovoldsgrinden”, probably a small rented farm (“husmannsplass”) which belonged to a bigger farm, probably “Skedsmovold” or something like that. 


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