The Stonehouse Children

I turn to “On This Day” reports from Kath’s Filey Genealogy & Connections database if I don’t have a subject to write about. There are usually around 70 people listed at the various significant points on their life journeys. I pick one, on a whim rather than blindly with a pin. This morning I chose two, twins Mary and Jane STONEHOUSE, baptized together this day 1826 at St Oswald’s, Filey and, I soon discovered, buried together 65 days later.

There were two other children in the family in FG&C, William and Ann. The boy, firstborn child of Daniel and Jane, lived for about 180 days after his baptism on 14 April 1822. Ann arrived the following year and survived long enough to have an illegitimate daughter, Hannah. This little girl was baptized on 24 August 1845 and committed to the ground 169 days later.

FamilySearch Tree has records for each of the short-lived children and their parents, though for none of the extracted IGI baptisms is Jane’s maiden name given. A separate record of her marriage to Daniel gives her family name as ASHLEBY. Even if you add in ASHELBYs it is not a common name in Yorkshire – or on FST.

In the marriage register on 18 June 1821 Daniel is described as a yeoman, suggesting perhaps that he worked his own land. He made an upright cross, Jane an X. From his Harpham birthplace he had moved about sixteen miles north to marry and attempt to raise a family. He wasn’t with Jane at the 1841 census. She was enumerated at Lebberston Hall, working as a washerwoman and had 12 year old John STONEHOUSE for company. In a separate household at Lebberston Hall was 8 year old George ASHELBY.

I couldn’t find Jane and John in 1851 but at the next census she is Housekeeper to the JEWISONs in Gristhorpe (Filey parish), now 72 years old and a widow for the past sixteen years.

John is married in 1861, living in Cambridge Street, Scarborough and working as a shoemaker. He and his wife Bella (Isabella THOMPSON) have a seven year old daughter, Selina.

I hope to find more about these people in the coming days,  and I’m moved to tidy up their records on FST. Daniel and Jane have at least five duplicate IDs each so there is an amount of merging to be done. (I did manage to enlarge the HUCKS presence on FST, creating new IDs for Bentfield and most of his siblings. The aviator’s is LTFG-18Y if you want to check my work and perhaps correct or add to it!)

Below is John Stonehouse’s small island of pedigree. His siblings are similarly adrift in FST’s genealogical sea. Rather more together on FG & C.


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