Kath’s database in FamilySearch’s Genealogies has “Connections” in its title as a simple way of defusing objections such as, “What have all these Cumberland folk got to do with Filey?”  For the most part they are Kath’s forebears. Fair enough?

Today’s list of “milestones” included the death of Samuel WILBERFORCE in 1873. Could this be the fellow who was bitten by Darwin’s bulldog, Thomas HUXLEY? It sure could.

Filey Genealogy & Connections has 29 members of the WILBERFORCE family. At school in Hull I was in Wilberforce House and although I didn’t bring glory to it with my lack of sporting or any other form of prowess, I was proud to be associated with William the Great Abolitionist in this random way. A Filey connection never occurred to me then or since.

Samuel_Wilberforce,_Vanity_Fair,_1869-07-24“Soapy Sam” was William’s fifth child. This Vanity Fair illustration (public domain via Wikimedia Commons) shows him in his mid-sixties, about four years before his death in Abinger, Surrey (FG&C), “near Leatherhead” (Encyclopaedia Britannica). It is difficult to imagine him on a beach.

If you look at William’s pedigree on FamilySearch (ID  LC7P-XGZ) you will catch the scent of the salt sea in the marriage place of  Sam’s older brother Robert Isaac – Bridlington. Hover over his spouse’s truncated name “Agnes Everilda Frances W…” and a well known local name is revealed – she is a Hunmanby WRANGHAM. On FamilySearch the Wrangham line only stretches to Agnes’ father Francis and mother Agnes (no Maiden Name). Kath takes us further back. Mother Agnes is the daughter of a Colonel Ralph CREYKE and Jane LANGLEY. Father Francis is the son of George WRANGHAM and Anne FALLOWFIELD.

A sad note on FG & C for Frances Everilda Agnes (yes the first and third given names are transposed) states “her mother died after giving birth to her (apparently) and she died within a short time of giving birth to Edward.”

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