A Powell Workout


I spent three hours this morning trying to make the POWELL family presentable on FamilySearch (see Sunday’s post). I wasn’t too rigorous about logging the tasks done but, roughly, 5 children were added to the parents marriage record, about 20 new vital record sources or FST Hints added/attached, 8 duplicate records removed by merging. All told I  made about 41 changes, including the addition of two “Memories” – the photograph of Constable POLLARD and a PDF of Sunday’s post.

Each “change” took an average of five minutes (rounded up). I’ll leave you to decide if it appears to be time well spent! I didn’t find the work a chore and therefore encourage anyone reading this to add some information to FST’s Tree of Family Knowledge. Each small contribution may be appreciated by someone, sometime. And ridding a family of duplicate records is oddly satisfying.

There are a few additions I could yet make – records for John James’ parents, George William and Catherine nee PEEBLES, three Census records and the 1902 marriage of Ada Catherine to Arthur EVANS in Caldecot, Monmouthshire. I would also like to find out what happened to Jack and Elizabeth. (I have left the purple signpost icons in the parents’ “boxes” – a gentle warning that there may be missing children.) I should also add John James and his family to the Looking at Filey Wiki.

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