The Difference a Day Makes

On Wednesday I paid another visit to my forebears of note on FST, wandering the pedigree byways to my 26 times great grandmother, about whom  Les Milandes wrote:-

If Eleanor of Aquitaine was alive today, she would forever be on the front pages of national newspapers and magazines and no doubt constantly trending on twitter. For this was a woman who enjoyed incredible power, good looks and amazing wealth. Duchess of Aquitaine, Countess of Poitou, and ultimately Queen of France and England, Eleanor was a truly remarkable woman.

She was clearly a great reader.

Yesterday evening she was gone, or at least unreachable, because someone, somewhere, has removed just one person from “my” pedigree. As my dad would have said, “C’est la vie”.

I am grieving. It is not often you lose a whole dynasty from your family tree within the space of 24 hours. Those Plantagenets are going to leave a big hole in what’s left of my life.

I’ll get over it. There is always the possibility that the unnamed genealogist took out a 6th great grandmother of mine by mistake and further research could see her re-instated – and Elizabeth the First of England will be my first cousin fifteen times removed again. Cool.

Here’s another kind of day-difference. A grey granite headstone in St Oswald’s churchyard says that Benjamin Watson STORRY was killed in action on the 11th August 1917.


All other sources I have looked at today give the 12th as the date of his death. I will write about him tomorrow.


Screenshot source.

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