Mark & ‘Susie’

The funeral of Mark SCOTTER took place in Filey a hundred years ago today. He had been shot and killed four days earlier by someone aboard the U boat that had intercepted the Government requisitioned ‘trawler’ Susie, 10 miles north-east by east of Scarborough. Susie was sunk by scuttling charges after her crew had put their skipper’s body in the yawl’s coble. The Filey men were picked up by the steam drifter Lord Kitchener and brought safely to Scarborough.

The Scarborough Mercury gave an account of the funeral:-

Filey: Events of the Week

Events of the week have been many – some of a kind not wanted. The death of Mr. Mark Scotter came as a blow to the community. He was a man highly respected, and sympathy was expressed on all hands. For many years he had been identified with the Primitive Methodist Church at Filey, and at one time was a Sunday School teacher. The funeral of deceased, on Tuesday afternoon, was very largely attended. Fellow fishermen carried the coffin, and the Vicar (Canon Cooper), the Rev. G. P. Maynard and Rev. G. A. Morgan (Primitive Methodist Ministers) officiated, a service being held at the Parish Church. Amongst those in attendance were several people from Scarborough, including a representative from the Missions to Seamen Institute, the Harbour Master (Captain Cass Smith), Mr. and Mrs. Fred Harrison, Mr. T. Whitehead, Mr. Geo. Sheader, Mr. Alf Sellers, Mr. Spouse Sheader, and Mr. T. Normandale. Mrs. Cooper, wife of the Vicar, presided at the organ, and the hymn “O God our help in ages past” was sung, and at the graveside the hymn “I have anchored my soul.”

A large number of floral emblems were received from the children, and grandchildren, the members of the Filey Coble Club (“With loving sympathy”); Mrs. A. Scotter and Mrs. R. Douglas; George Mainprize and family; Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Haxby; “With deepest sympathy and ever-loving remembrance from the members of the crew”; “With deepest sympathy from his class mates, Primitive Methodist Church – ‘We shall meet again’ ”; Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Scotter; “With deepest sympathy from the teachers and scholars of the Filey Primitive Methodist Sunday School ‘Anchored safe with Jesus’ “; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Harrison, Scarborough; E. Hill, Simla Lodge, Hunmanby; and Mr. and Mrs. Priestman. Another wreath from Mr A. V. Machin bore the inscription: “For Mark Scotter – A token of sincere regret – In grateful remembrance of one of the best of our brave fishermen who risk their lives to obtain food for their fellow countrymen – With true sorrow from Arthur V. Machin.” Immediately after the funeral, a rocket went off calling out the lifeboat to proceed to a vessel at sea.



I have created a page for Mark on the LaF Wiki which gives links to blog posts, the CWGC and his two ‘trees’ at FamilySearch.

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