Chance Connections

Tuesday’s post was triggered by the marriage of William Henry CASS and Ruth Charlotte PRUDAMES in 1892 and I mentioned that Ruth’s great grandfather William Williamson had drowned off Scarborough in 1818. Yesterday was the anniversary of William’s marriage to Ann EDMOND in 1801.

Filey Genealogy & Connections has Ann born in Bempton in 1765. FamilySearch Tree disagrees. There, William marries Ann RAYMER born in 1780.


The screenshot shows Ruth’s connection to great grandfather William, passing through Samuel PRUDAMES whose headstone I photographed on Tuesday. It also clearly shows a smattering of data problems, most of which are easy to fix. But how do you solve a problem like Ann RAYMER?

I’ll start at the very beginning, with Ann EDMOND. You’ll note I have given her birth year as 1766 rather than 1765. On FG&C Kath had Ann’s baptism date as 7 June 1765. FST’s  record of the christening has 7 June 1766. We are, I think, beholden to ensure that changes we might make on the World Tree reflect the facts held in the Wiki database. Ann could, of course, have been over a year old when she was baptized so my change may prove to be incorrect. I have no stats to prove it but I think the majority of newborns in this part of the world were baptized in the first few months of life.

I have also changed Ann’s birthplace on FG &C (my RootsMagic version). The screenshot below indicates why I’ve done this.


Bempton isn’t far away but I think it unlikely Rachel would have bothered to make the journey, especially when one considers that there was another Ann EDMOND baptized in Bempton in February 1767. The Ann above was baptized 6 months earlier in Filey. (The data problems in the above screenshot have been triggered by Rachel’s birth in the year 173 AD.)

So, who is Ann RAYMER?  Well, it is our Ann after her first marriage to Richard REAMER on the 22nd November 1795. The poor chap died about the age of thirty, enabling Ann to marry William WILLIAMSON in August 1801. This sort of error creeps in easily if a marriage record doesn’t tell us the bride was a widow. Oh, and Richard has a younger sister called Ann born in 1778 and, understandably, a distraction.



Richard and his twin Mary were born to Henry REAMER about 1770 and baptized in Filey on November 16th that year. For now, I will go with this spelling of the name. (Another alternative is REYMER.)

I must say I’m not looking forward to updating the World Tree with what seem to me to be these true facts – the EDMONDS are particularly tricky to follow (with their variant EDMUND surname and penchant for naming their children Ann, Mary, and John). I’ll let you know how I get on.


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