The Filey Tindalls


This prominent headstone by the ‘front’ door of St Oswald’s, Filey, remembers Peter TINDALL (sometimes TINDALE) and Jane LORRIMAN and two of their children, Mary and John. Another child, George, was baptized in this church on the 7th September 1805.

The carved anchor and rope on the stone clearly indicate the family’s connection to seafaring but I’m not sure how close they were to the shipbuilding Tindalls of Scarborough. I wrote a post on LaF titled Shipowners’ Wives, focusing on Jane and her twin sister Mary, and took it for granted that Peter was a builder of ships or a master mariner. Reading John Rushton’s article today, though, I couldn’t link him to the Scarborough clan with any certainty.

Filey Genealogy & Connections gives Peter and Jane six children but the ten-year gap between George and Elizabeth suggests there may be several more – or one less. FamilySearch has the first five but I haven’t found Elizabeth on the World Tree yet.

George and his siblings are scattered scraps of pedigree – the parents have multiple duplicate IDs. I looked for an hour or two on Find My Past for marriages and deaths of the children without success. I also searched British Newspapers without discovering anything about the Filey Tindalls.The monumental inscription records the death of George’s oldest brother John in the West Indies but no age or date is given. The “late” Reverend John Tindall features in a number of news reports that indicate he ministered in the West Indies but it appears he hailed from Devon.

In 1838, Captain Alexander Tindall of the Mazeppa, out of Scarborough, married Eliza WALKER in Hartlepool. Two Scarborough shipbuilding families were thereby joined – Alexander was the son of John Tindall of Knapton Lodge.

The best I can do is remove the duplicate records on FST and leave the pedigree tidy for the present day representatives of the family to happen along and add their sources.

5 thoughts on “The Filey Tindalls

  1. Hiya I have Isabella & James Carr at harry lorriman’s 1851 I dont suppose it was some kind of boarding house
    Thanks for any help


    1. Hi Lisa, I don’t have the Harry Lorriman connection but in the 1851 census see Isabella and James in Wenlock Place with the Harrington family as boarder/lodgers. As far as I know, all the Wenlock Place dwellings were demolished many years ago but they were obviously big enough to house two families. Maybe not “regular” (or regulated) boarding houses. Do you know why the CARRs left Ireland?


  2. Hiya would appreciate any help
    Looking for
    James Carr birth 1821 Ireland
    & his wife Ellen ( Helen ?) Walsh ? birth Brayle Ireland
    Parents of
    Isabella Carr birth 1865 I don’t no if Isabella was born in Filey Yorkshire or Ireland
    She married John Clarkson in 1862
    John Clarkson birth November 1883 Muston Yorkshire
    Isabella & John’s daughter was Annie Clarkson my G. Grandmother 1868-1951
    If anyone would like any information on Annie Clarkson Hoggard I am lucky enough to have just a few photos but am more than happy to share
    Thanks for reading
    I have the 1851 Census showing
    James & Ellen Carr living at Wenlock Place Scarborough Yorkshire
    With Loadgers names as Harrington maybe Ellen’s maiden name is Harrington


    1. Thanks for the offer of information and photos of your great grandmother, Annie. Your Carr and Clarkson families seem to have lived in Filey for a while before moving on. I have not yet found any descendants who are “resting eternally” in Filey St Oswald’s churchyard (my main focus of interest). The Harrington lodgers may have been relatives – or perhaps Irish friends who came over with James and Ellen. Filey Genealogy & Connections has four children born in “Brayfe” and a fifth child Henry born in Filey in 1852. The Wenlock Place houses were demolished a long time ago but the entryway to them in Church Street is still visible. Not much help, sorry.


    2. Hi Elizabeth
      Annie Clarkson Hoggards brother John Clarkson born 1871 in Muston was my Grandfather. Unfortunately I haven’t found any information relating to the Carr Family in Ireland was just looking and found the link to this site.
      Most of my relatives seemed to have moved to Bridlington.
      Paul Clarkson


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