Time Out

I had an argument yesterday with a slab of World War Two sea defence concrete on Reighton Sands. A small wound to a hand, neatly stitched by Lauren, doesn’t prevent me tapping on a keyboard but a somewhat compromised knee requires that I keep its companion foot higher than my hip as much as possible. No sitting at the computer all day doing history research.

I have Today’s Images lined up and will sneak them in until I’m good to go again. (Yesterday’s picture “backdated”.)

Thanks also to Josie, a total stranger at Reighton who staunched the blood initially (head wound), my neighbours from across the road who happened to be at the right place at the right time, the generous and jovial ladies at the Hunmanby Gap Café, and paramedics, Mark, Paul and Steve for taking care of me. Britain’s NHS is under severe stress but it seems wonderful to me.

Before the Fall – see dem dere innocuous looking rocks ahead?


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