Ronnie’s Girl

She is almost always holding a flower or two. I expect most are kindly placed there by strangers rather than family. In 1977 when the Crimlisks did their MI Survey they noted that the grave was marked by a Marble Cross so perhaps the little girl was sculpted after that. If that is so, I think it may have been carved by Ronnie’s older brother, John Richardson DOVE (1909 – 1989). In the 1939 Register John’s occupation is given as Certified Stone Mason. The DOVEs are notable monumental masons in the Bridlington, Filey and Scarborough areas. (FOXes were their rivals!)

I’m able to spend a bit more time now at the computer and today added a few people to the family’s representation on FamilySearch Tree. If you care to start with Ronnie you can go back to his 11th great grandfather Peter OWSTON.


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