With Parry to the Arctic

JohRUDDOCK_ParryVoyage2A gathering of  Filey folk 158 years ago demonstrated the esteem the town had for John RUDDOCK. They were most appreciative of his efforts for the Lifeboat Service and his support for the Harbour of Refuge scheme, but a newspaper report of the event didn’t mention his two adventures in the frozen North with Commander PARRY. I like to think he may be one of the men shown playing cricket on the ice, him being a Yorkshireman and all. (Inset picture: HMS Fury and Hecla in winter quarters near Igloolik,1822-23. Frontispiece to vol. 1 of Parry’s account, ‘Journal of a second voyage for the discovery of a North-West Passage…’ [BL: G.7394]; see Farthest North Cricket and other Arctic sports).

I wrote about John in a Looking at Filey post – Arctic Dreams. He married widow Mary Ann Dunn née RICHARDSON when he was 32 years old and the couple doesn’t appear to have had any children. They have limited pedigrees on Filey Genealogy & Connections and the FamilySearch tree.

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