Andie CAINE died 76 years ago today. Born Ernest TAYLOR in 1867 he seems to have had a tough childhood. At the 1881 Census, he was one of around 140 “inmates”  at the Bisley Farm School in Surrey. There’s a photograph of some of his contemporaries on Rootsweb.

He came through to bring joy to countless people in Music Halls and on seaside promenades with his Pierrots.  In a Theatre Notebook article titled Pierrots Perfected: Louis Rihll and Artistic Developments in Concert Party Entertainment on the London and Provincial Stage, 1900-1930, Bernard Ince writes –

Among the estimated thousand or more concert parties that have existed in the British Isles since the 1890s, some achieving fame in a local or regional context (those of Edwin Adeler, Will Catlin and Andie Caine being of particular note)…

There is a short life sketch of Andie on the Arthur Lloyd website and a post on Looking at Filey: The Entertainer.

He surely deserves to be represented on the FamilySearch Tree but I can’t find him there. His wife, Lena, has been put on by “the System” and I will add some sources in the next few days. At the 1939 Census, Lena took three years off her age but the registration of her death and the headstone in St Oswald’s churchyard suggest strongly that this is Andie’s Lena. (Her mother’s maiden surname is MORRIS.)


Note the Pierrot hat at the base of the stone and check out recently living examples on the heads of The Pierrotters.

5 thoughts on “Pierrot

  1. As the leader of ‘The Pierrotters’, I insisted that we perform a song at Andie Caine ‘s graveside each summer season that we were in Filey. I am currently planning a book about the history of British pierrot troupes. Tony Lidington AKA Uncle Tacko! (www.prom-prom.com)


    1. Thanks for being a Pierrot, Tony! I have enjoyed your YT appearances – missed your live performances. I hope the book project goes well.


      1. Apologies, Tony. Missed this comment completely – until now. I don’t think there is an Edwardian Festival. Steampunk seems to have taken over.


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