Storms and Skerrys

I did some more work on James SKERRY this morning, adding a Memory in the form of a photograph of the unusual family headstone in St Oswald’s churchyard. I discovered I had overlooked the best “starting point” for James – a duplicate record with a fairly extensive pedigree extending back to Johannis SKERRYE, born 1603. Connecting “my James” to these people was fairly straightforward – I just hope the merges don’t upset previous contributors.

At the 1881 census James, now a widower, is with his son Robert and daughter in law Naomi STOCKDALE in Queen Street, Filey. No house number is given but it may have been one of those pictured in Today’s Image. I wonder what James would have made of the horseless carriage. The view from the end of the street at Cliff Top would be familiar to him if he looked beyond the man-made foreground.

In the now extended Skerry pedigree, I was interested to see the connections to Robin Hood’s Bay STORMs, a well-known family with an extensive pedigree online hosted by RootsWeb. It lists 92 Skerrys!

James’ grandfather Thomas Skerry married Esther STORM, born 1745. Thomas’ mother was Dorothy STORM and Esther’s father James STORM. Small, isolated communities are often tarred with the “inbred” brush but Dorothy and James were not related by blood!

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