Men Saved, Money Lost

Exactly fifty years after Carnatic was wrecked on Filey Brigg, the Yarmouth registered yawl Lina was run down by a German cargo vessel and sunk. The fishing boat’s crew had time to scramble into their small boat and were picked up by their nemesis, Jangard Linnemann. The collision happened in the early hours of the morning but after transfer to a home-bound Scarborough trawler, the rescued men were ashore by lunch-time and probably home in Filey for tea.

A newspaper report names only six crew, all from Filey; skipper Mortimer ‘Shaggy’CHAPMAN, Frank CAPPLEMAN, Thomas JENKINSON, William ROBINSON, and two boys, T. SCALES and R. JENKINSON.

Lina, built in 1880 on Cobholm Island and formerly a trawling ketch, was owned by Filey draper Newman CRAWFORD. Under questioning by a newspaper reporter, Newman admitted that the vessel had not been insured. He didn’t put a figure on his financial loss.

Lina has a page on the Looking at Filey Wiki.

A week after the sinking the Scarborough Mercury carried a brief report about the German cargo vessel, hinting that her owners might have to pay for the destruction of the yawl.


The German steamer Jangard Linnemann, which collided with and sank the Filey yawl Lina, off Scarborough on Friday, is now lying in Seaham docks. The vessel is practically under arrest, for a writ is nailed to her foremast, in connection with the claims made against her arising out of the collision. The captain declined to be seen by a Press representative on the subject of the charges of alleged callousness at the time of the disaster and on a newspaper being sent to him containing the complaints, said he did “not desire to reply to such nonsense.”

CRAWFORDnewman_1905_ad_sNewman CRAWFORD has the beginnings of a pedigree on FamilySearch Tree but is currently better connected to his forebears on Filey Genealogy. In this photograph, courtesy ‘anonymous donor’, he is about 44 years old.

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