William Wallis

It is written in stone that William drowned in Le Havre, this day 1877. He was a mariner and Kath has a note in Filey Genealogy & Connections that he met his end in the harbour. I haven’t been able to find a newspaper report that reveals the circumstances. He had been married to Isabella née CAPPLEMAN for almost fifteen years but I don’t think they had any children. At the 1871 census, they were enumerated (as “Wallace”) in Willow Terrace, Bridlington, with Isabella’s youngest brother, Robert, who would become well known around Filey as ‘Bob ‘Ush’.

Partly because of the variant spellings of WALLIS, I made slow progress today connecting him to his forebears on FamilySearch Tree. I have settled for marrying him into the CAPPLEMANs and hope to add some of his folk over the next few days. A few already have IDs.


Before marrying, Isabella gave her occupation as ‘bait gatherer’ and she would have walked many times with other flither girls to collect limpets on Castie Rocks in Gristhorpe Bay. (These are the rocks at the far end of the Bay in Today’s Image. They are about three miles from the town.)

Given what the Beast delivered today, the weather four years ago looks unbelievable. The easterly gales brought a succession of showers – of dry, face-stinging pebbly snow – and churned the sea into Devon cream.


High tide this afternoon at Crescent Hill slip


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