Cornered Speakers

A few days ago, an Austrian, a Canadian and an American were refused entry to the United Kingdom. They wanted to stay for a few days, to talk with other young people concerned about the erosion of everyone’s right to free speech. This is not a joke.

Martin Sellner planned to talk tomorrow at Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park. While in detention at Luton Airport – he was held there for three days with Brittany Pettibone – he re-wrote the speech he had intended to give. At three o’clock tomorrow, Tommy Robinson may be afforded the freedom to speak Martin’s words. It doesn’t matter if anyone disagrees with what Martin has to say. He has the right to be heard.

Meanwhile, in the House of Commons this week, our elected representatives have been delivering their anti-Russian propaganda. Asserting THEIR rights and privileges. They are taking the British people for fools. A simpleton knows that you really shouldn’t accuse someone of a crime and not provide any evidence for it. “The Russians” have asked for a sample of the Novichok poison so that they can run tests on it, put their hands up and say “fair cop” – or perhaps point to the actual perpetrator of the foul deed. The doziest amongst us are aware that Porton Down, where the British manufacture chemical weapons in many varieties and, quite possibly, prodigious amounts, is a few miles from where the traitor/spy and his daughter were struck down.

We have short memories. We were told Saddam Hussein had Weapons of Mass Destruction. It wasn’t true and over a million people died horribly and unnecessarily in consequence.

We will continue to be told that President Assad is using chemical weapons against his own people. Anyone brave enough to speak truth to power will tell you this is a lie – and back this up with evidence.

So, while war criminals walk free, enrich themselves and talk sh*te, young people of intelligence, courage, and determination are treated as suspected terrorists and refused entry to this benighted nation.

Maybe it is a joke.

I just hope that there is no trouble in Hyde Park tomorrow afternoon. Sticks and stones and all that. The truth sometimes hurts but it can set you free. Swallow the UK government lies and you are pretty much asking to live under tyranny – and to go off to war again.

Speakers’ Corner

Martin Sellner, Brittany Pettibone, Tommy Robinson

Lauren Southern, Tommy Robinson

Vanessa Beeley

Eve Bartlett

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