Profits of Doom

Good news, “She is Risen”. Whoever thought up this headline brightened my Good Friday. I’m really pleased Yulia Skripal is recovering from her food poisoning, or whatever it was she succumbed to, and I hope her dad is also out of danger soon. It is not for me to offer advice, but I would urge them to go home to Mother Russia as soon as they can. It seems that MI5 may have whacked Litvinenko, so they are clearly not safe in the UK. (I don’t need to give evidence for this assertion, do I?)

Russophobia, in its current manifestation, must have a purpose. Possibly the globalist western powers are preparing us for the war they crave – because it will make them even richer. (It really doesn’t matter how much suffering a war will bring. Psychopaths are devoid of empathy.)

Because there are now “alternative media”, the next war is going to be more difficult for the powers-that-be to sell. But an effort is being made, a rather sad appeal addressed to a rather old-fashioned British failing. Craig Murray had something to say about Jingoism UK style while discussing the Skripal case with George Galloway recently.

…Jingoism is always good for the Tory Party. And, of course, jingoism is also good for the armaments industry, and the spying and security industry. Spying itself has become a major industry now. Between MI5, MI6, and GCHQ there are a hundred thousand people employed, it’s an interest in itself. We’ve already heard that Porton Down is getting another 48 million dollars for its budget when people are dying on trollies in hospital wards. So, yeah, this does the Tories good, the arms industries good, it does the spying and security industries good. And that nexus of interests, of course, coincides with the interests of the big corporations who own the media, and being a state interest, or the interest of the government, the BBC, which is a state broadcaster, a state propaganda outfit, really; the BBC and all the media just pump this stuff out. Anybody who dares question it for a moment is labeled as a traitor and a mad conspiracy theorist.

SalisburyChemWeaponThere is certainly plenty of madness on display these days. A month ago, UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson hoped “the west does not stand idly by over chemical weapons in Syria”. So do I. It is never a surprise to see Tory hypocrisy and mendacity exposed – and I’m not holding my breath for the BBC to confirm that British Chemical Weapons have been sent to Syria, perhaps for an attack by terrorist groups that will be blamed on the Syrian Government (again). But I was amazed to hear President Trump say that US forces will leave Syria very soon. I guess we will have to wait awhile to see if this man speaks with forked tongue.

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