Pine Wilt?

I’m not very observant, and rubbish at identifying trees, but on my morning walk today I noticed some pines that looked rather sick.



Location: the plantation next to the Parish Wood, Filey.

I did some searching online and learned a little about the pine wilt nematode, Bursaphelenchus xylophilus, and its transporter, the Pine Sawyer Beetle, Monochamus sutor.

If the trees pictured above are Scots pine and Norway spruce, the “deadly messenger” has arrived in Yorkshire. Of course, I may be scaremongering. The advice for trees suspected of suffering from pine wilt is “if it’s brown, burn it down”. These specimens are next to a Nature Reserve so plenty of people with more knowledge than I possess have not raised the alarm.

Death comes quickly to trees attacked by the pine wilt nematode – from a few weeks to a year – so I hope these are suffering from something less serious. If it is pine wilt, though, it could be an indication that Britain is warming, however ludicrous that may seem this year.



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