Related to Charlemagne?

In a few days, I’ll post about two military men, father and son, who died on the same day of the year, the son in 1915 and the father seven years later.

The names, Roderick Edmund Howe GWYNNE (father) and Roderick Thynne Sackville GWYNNE, suggest they are not from a family of ordinary folk – but, if you are European, upper crustiness is not required to claim descent from the Holy Roman Emperor.

Surprisingly, neither of our soldiers had a place on FamilySearch Tree yesterday. I had to go back to the end of the 17th century to pick up another Roderick and his children.

The resolutely Welsh Y-line peters out at the beginning of the 13th century. One has to follow the maternal HOWE side, though not very far before branching off, to make the crossing into mainland Europe.

This is one of those mother-lode Super Pedigrees so, if you have the inclination, go for a wander. You may stumble upon the folk below eventually:-


Roderick Edmund Howe is buried in St Oswald’s churchyard but he is not a true GWYNNE. One of his male forebears, James Price HOLFORD married Anna Maria Eleanor who gave him more than children. She would find herself a co-heir of the  THYNNE HOWE  GWYNNE Buckland estate, which encouraged her husband to “take the additional surname and arms of Gwynne”.

Colonel Gwynne Holford bears, consequently a quartered shield, first and fourth, HOLFORD; second and third, GWYNNE; and an escutcheon of Pretence quarterly of twenty-one coats, comprising, with many others, the arms of MEREDITH, Prince of Powys, GRONWY AP TUDOR, EDNOWAIN, Lord of Tegaingle, HOWE, Lord Chedworth, GWYNNE, of Garth, JONES, BARRETT, MATHEW, &c, &c.

The GWYNNES of Glanbrane and Buckland descend from the marriage in 1405 of RHYDDERCH AP RHYS, of Llwyn Howel…with Gwenllian, daughter and heir of Howell ap Griffith, of Trecastle, younger brother of the renowned Sir David Gam, so distinguished at Azincourt.

I will try tomorrow to establish the link on FST between the GWYNNE HOLFORDs and the two Rodericks remembered on the “stone” in Filey churchyard.


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