38 Generations

In the 1890s The Cardiff Times ran a series on Old Brecknockshire Families. If the anonymous author portrayed the Gwynns accurately there is a lot of work to be done on the FamilySearch pedigree. As we all make mistakes, there are probably errors on both sides.

It isn’t an easy family to deal with. Cousin marriages, duplicate first names of wives (without their family name given in baptism records), and the predilection to adorn male children with two or three middle names from the glorious past, (Howe, Sackville, Thynne), make it all too easy to place children with the wrong parents.

It is above my pay grade to deal with these difficulties on FST.

There is only one “Filey Gwynn” – Chedworth Morgan, born in 1904, but I have linked him to the illustrious pedigree on FST. A few generations into the past there are serious issues with a number of Gwynne children born after the deaths of fathers and/or mothers but I’m fairly sure these can be resolved and the descent of Chedworth from Charlemagne established.

I wandered today down different byways and discovered that I may be related to Chedworth. For a few weeks last year I found myself on a Super Pedigree. One of our common ancestors could be Mary BOLEYN.

Ann’s sister is just 12 generations distant, at which point we all have 2,048 great-grandparents. At 24 generations we have, notionally, over 8 million such. By the time we reach Charlemagne at Chedworth’s Generation 38 there are, impossibly, 137 billion plus.

Given my possible family connection to Chedworth and the mysterious way pedigrees “fold in on themselves”, it seems very likely that, if you can take your family tree back just far enough, a small army of blue-bloods will be yours. Really, we are all one big family.

It might be tedious to give you a complete route from Chedworth to the Holy Roman Emperor, (there are several), but here are some signposts along the way.

Gen 21. Edmund Plantagenet m. Eleanor of Castile

Gen 27. Henry 1, King of England m. Matilda Edith

Gen 28. William the Conqueror m. Matilda, Countess of Flanders

Gen 35. Robert 1 of France m. Beatrice de Vermandois

Chedworth left Filey but didn’t travel far to find a wife. He married Edith Joan TERRY in York and in 1939 he was living at Middlethorp Manor, now York’s “most expensive house”. Also in residence – Edith’s father Francis, the chocolate manufacturer.

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