The Orwellian Jailing of Tommy Robinson

Paul Weston

On my afternoon walk today I considered the blessing conferred by the UK regime’s D Notice /Gagging Order, preventing any news outlet reporting the arrest and swift despatch to prison of Tommy Robinson, or discussion of the activities of rape gangs viz. a slight but welcome diminution of Government Propaganda spewed out by the BBC.

Careful what you wish for. The early evening bulletin on Radio Five Live included a minor headline, something like “EDL founder Tommy Robinson has been jailed for thirteen months for contempt of court”. This station will have to change its fanfare, “First for News”. A later snippet began, “It can now be reported…”. The D notice wasn’t mentioned so Radio Five Live listeners will still be unaware that one was imposed. I’m assuming it has been lifted.

Paul Weston was arrested four years ago for reading a speech by Winston Churchill in public. The UK has been Orwellian for a while now!

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