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There is a protest on 9th June at downing street for POLITICAL PRISONER TOMMY ROBINSON. They are trying to paint this as a far right or racist. I am 58 a Mother of 3 and grandmother of 6 and i will be at that protest. I am neither far right nor racist but what they did to Tommy Robinson and another POLITICAL PRISONER MELENIE SHAW [comment ends]

I’m 57 a Mum and a Nan I’m disabled but am going to do my best to be there. It’s outrageous what our government is doing to free speech amongst other things. To be arrested, sentenced and imprisoned all within two hours, with no access to my own lawyer is disgusting. If they can do that to someone high profile just think what they can do to us “ little” people. Then to slap a D notice on Tommy’s arrest which was just bizarre as 10 thousand people watched it happen. … there is change in the air we need to make our stand now or lose our great country completely.

It has come to our attention that a Englishman named Tommy Robinson was ( I know this sounds incredible) actually arrested while reporting on individuals that “groomed” young girls as young as 11 years old to be sold in to sex slavery, gang rape,pedophile rings. Another wards, He is a hero for TRUTH and WARRIOR for abused children. How is it possible that he would be thrown in jail with these heinous criminal extremists? I live in peaceful Japan. A week ago no one knew who this noble and caring human being was. After viewing that horrific scene of the UK police arresting him for peacefully reporting, It’s all everyone is talking about. That arrest made him a virtual overnight sensation. The world is WATCHING… Those of us that have Daughters, Granddaughters, Nieces, Sisters in our lives that we care about. What if this was YOUR loved one? YOUR child? Would you not want someone like HERO Tommy Robinson to expose the bad guys? To expose the EVIL? Does the UK Police condone Pedophilia? Is your Queen REALLY OK with this? Does the UK Prime Minister and Mayor support baby rape? The God fearing, Family loving, Hard working, Humanity caring, Country respecting good guys are watching.

Source: David Knight and Lionel on InfoWars

To assess your voting options in the next general election, read Gorgeous George’s op-ed, Abandon Ship

One has to wonder what will happen to the UK when over half of the voters in the EU referendum realise they have been betrayed. It is obvious now that Brexit never meant Brexit for Mrs May.

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