Another Prison

Winston Smiths taxi

The news of Tommy Robinson’s transfer from Hull Prison (Muslim population about 2%) to Leicester (71%) hit the online alternative media last night. It clearly fills most “woke” people with foreboding. The regime’s timing of the move seems cynical – the eve of the FIFA World Cup. (Note to May and Javid – some things are more important than football.) Perhaps it is just a brain dead response to last Saturday’s demonstration of support for Tommy in London (and around the world).

We are living in unhappy times. Things could get worse. Leaders wanted, desperately.


The percentage of Muslim prisoners in HMP Leicester is 14.3% according to recent Government figures. Where the much reported 71% figure came from is anyone’s guess. It is hardly surprising that people who support Tommy’s efforts to highlight the abuse of young White British girls would pass on the nightmare data. Emotion usually trumps critical faculties.

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