It Was Good While It Lasted

Peter and Jimmy were born in the same year, 1926, one in Glasgow, the other Leeds. They were not an attractive pair but soon after meeting realized they shared an interest in physically and sexually abusing children. It was Scarborough’s worst kept secret. Hundreds of people were aware of their perversion and the police were alerted. The North Yorkshire Constabulary failed to act, maybe because Jimmy was a BBC television personality and Peter a local councilor, alderman, and mayor of the town.

Jimmy was knighted by the Queen, awarded an OBE, and was on friendly terms with Chuck, the heir to the British throne. If reporters picked up the vile scent his activities left behind, Jimmy would say “I don’t like children”, and that was enough to see the newshounds off. He didn’t make great efforts to cover his tracks, touching up young teens on the set of Top of the Pops, for the BBC cameras to record for posterity.

It was only after their deaths that the full extent of Jimmy and Peter’s depravity became known, nationwide. That they fell from grace when no longer around to bear their shame is disappointing. There is very little satisfaction in knowing that Jimmy’s elaborate headstone in Woodlands Cemetery, Scarborough, was soon removed and destroyed by the family, and Peter’s monument nearby disappeared in mysterious circumstances.

You can easily find online accounts from national and local newspapers of how they went about ruining the lives of so many children and young adults, but here are a couple of links: North Yorks Enquirer, 19 December 2014  and The Yorkshire Post, 2 January 2015.

The FamilySearch system, which presumably does not have “feelings” or any human oversight by default, has mercifully not put Jimmy SAVILE on the World Tree. I didn’t find his parents, Vincent Joseph Marie SAVILE and Agnes Monica KELLY either, but one of his sisters is represented as a “singleton”. Marjory Frances SAVILE.

Peter JACONELLI, also stands alone on FST.

It seems part of the British Disease – to be so easily dissuaded from calling out people for their evil deeds. But when the state throws you in the slammer as a criminal for doing so, it is hardly surprising.

Tommy Robinson Update.

He may now be in a Cat C prison – and he has a new legal team. See Ezra Levant at The Rebel.

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