A Little Bit of Paradise

About twelve years ago, some of the people interviewed for the Heritage Lottery supported history project, Exploring Filey’s Past, were asked to say what they thought of the town in just a few words.

Filey to me is paradise…it’s the ideal place to live. I always said I would never leave and, er, I was born here, I was married here and I always said I’d die here. It is what I call heaven on earth is Filey. It’s a lovely place.

Rosemary Owen

I like it that so much, like, that I don’t want to bother goin’ anywhere else. It’s a pleasant little place and it’s…home. That’s all I can say (laughs).

Bill Farline

Filey seems to have been a home from home for Harry and Ida Huckle, as this bench plaque in Crescent Gardens suggests.


Here is a companion photo to Today’s Image.


EdgeOfHeavenI am fortunate to live here at ‘the edge of heaven’ but bits of paradise everywhere are increasingly under threat from greedy and violent human beings and a rapidly changing climate. Naturalist and Springwatch presenter Chris Packham is concerned that the United Kingdom is becoming increasingly unpleasant for all its living creatures. For ten days next month experts will visit 50 nature reserves and “citizen scientists” are encouraged to take part in the wildlife audit. The bioblitzkreig hits the Filey Bird Observatory on the 18th.

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