LaF Wiki Revision

I neglected the Wiki for so long I forget it was there. There is some useful information about Filey history in its pages but the folders aren’t particularly well organized and many of the links don’t work since the original Looking at Filey blog was retired and archived, and the Filey Community Tree removed from the Web.

I would like to complete the photographing of headstones in St Oswald’s churchyard by the end of this year and find a home for the images and transcriptions on a dedicated website. I’m hoping the Church will take ownership of the material and make it readily available to all.

The Wiki seems to provide a useful “holding pen”, so over the next six months I will add to the headstone photos already uploaded there, and repair broken links. There are many events that can be added to A Filey Year and the Anniversaries might be more useful if the FamilySearch IDs for individual people are added.

All of the photographs, illustrations, and documents that were donated to Looking at Filey are now effectively in the public domain, having been archived by The British Library so I will put that material on the LaF Wiki too.

This will be a major task; I won’t have much time to research “anniversary stories”. I ‘ll continue to post an Image a Day and perhaps occasional snippets of family and local history that emerge from the headstone photographing and Wiki revision. I’ll also continue to offer a link post every few days. The next year or two are going to be quite eventful, I think. Regimes and governments of all stripes don’t want us, useless eaters, to know what they are up to. The EU will continue to push for a restriction on the amount of real news that finds its way onto the Internet, making it easier (they hope) for the likes of the BBC, CNN and Washington Post to serve up their fake slop and get away with it.

The FIFA World Cup has already proved two things. Russia is not a land of demons, and globalism makes little sense in sporting arenas.

Choose the red pills.

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