The Difference a Day Makes

The ducklings on the boating lake have been doing well. There have been no further fatalities since the first was lost a month ago. The five survivors dive like Olympians now to feed off the bottom of the lake, to supplement the treats brought to them by humans.


The water yesterday was fairly clear, though a rather scary colour. A thin scum was beginning to form, though, and today this was thicker, covering about 30% of the lake.  (See Today’s Image.)

Algal blooms are becoming more common around the world. (Global warming/climate change seems less of a hoax with each day that passes.) A company wishing to do business explains the blooms well.

The unusually hot weather is forecast to continue into August. Fingers crossed that the ducklings will soon be able to fly to a healthier environment. Perhaps the local council will do something to remove the bloom tomorrow so that pedal boating and canoeing at the weekend will be a pleasurable experience.


Update 20 July

I expected the mat of algae to have grown over the previous 24 hours but it had almost entirely disappeared, and the water was not such a sickly green colour. There were no signs of a mechanical clearance of the stuff so maybe it was a natural process. A mystery to someone like me, who doesn’t know much.

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