Beware Fake Temperatures

Kevin at Black Bear News yesterday mentioned a climate comment he’d read that “weather stations are not reporting the correct temperatures in Canada”. He had noticed the same duplicity in California and I recall Robin Westenra some weeks ago reporting daily high temperatures in Wellington/Lower Hutt being suspiciously low on MSM weather websites.

This may be no more than panicky “authorities” not wanting the citizenry to become alarmed but such is the amount of heat in the earth’s atmosphere this year that their fake highs are sometimes 5ºC or more below “true”.

I have noticed recently that there are fewer “hoax” and “scam” comments now on global warming articles and reports online. “We are entering a New Ice Age.” Wouldn’t that be nice? Humanity could survive one of those. More heat is problematic.

The average high temperature in Whitby in 1962 (at the Coastguard Station) was 11.12ºC. Below is a graph of the variation from that figure, from 1963 to 2016. The last three years are from a proxy weather station in the town and there are some missing months in several years of the coastguard returns.


Don’t be too alarmed that the increase in fifty years or so in Whitby is over the magic 2ºC that the world mustn’t warm since “pre-industrial” if humanity is to continue fouling its nest. The winter of 1962/63 in the UK was brutal, so the graph is starting at a particularly low base. The trend is clear, nonetheless, and the pattern will be familiar if you have seen graphs produced by NOAA and other presumably reliable organizations. (It is interesting that the very hot summer of 1976 in the UK made little impact on the annual average.)


Source: NOAA

There have been a number of challenging climate articles and papers published online recently. If you are of a nervous disposition give them a pass.

Dahr Jamail, Sixth Mass Extinction Ushers In Record-Breaking Wildfires and Heat

Chris Hedges, Saying Goodbye to Planet Earth

Professor Jem Bendell, Deep Adaptation: A Map for Navigating Climate Tragedy (pdf)

Will Steffen et al, Trajectories of the Earth System in the Anthropocene (pdf)

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