It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

The top story on Radio Five Live’s Breakfast Program this morning was the UK regime’s plan to ban the sale of Energy Drinks to children because they contain such large amounts of sugar and caffeine. (Yesterday’s top story was about the shockingly large numbers of young Brits who self-harm.) A little further down the running order – Should you take time off work if your pet dies? I missed this discussion so I can’t tell you what the consensus was.

I may also have missed the news that Syrian and Russian forces are almost ready to launch their attack on Idlib Province – to remove the western supported terrorists of  Al Qaeda, Isis/Isil. Jaysh al Islam etc. (Not to mention those lovely White Helmets who buried children alive so that they could video them being miraculously rescued.) It seems “highly likely” that Sergei Lavrov has warned France, the UK, and the US not to interfere with the clearance of the West’s proxy army from Syrian territory. The expected False Flag chemical attack in Idlib, being planned and facilitated in part by the UK regime’s MI6, is clearly no longer necessary. The psychopaths of NATO (and Israel) can begin their longed-for war any hour now. No excuse required.

There will be blood. Lots of it.

My lovely trip out to Flamborough this morning, (thanks Richard), may be my last for a while. Who knows?

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