Here is the News

There is something to be said for starting the day slowly, head in a cloud of unknowing. Dumbed down. The only way, then, is up.

At 6.30 am this morning, BBC Radio Five (“First for News”) offered its top four stories.

  1. By Christmas, all video games that feature in-game purchases will have to display an indication of this means of extortion on packaging and in advertisements.
  2. ‘Treason’ May declares that there will definitely not be a second Brexit referendum.
  3. Action is going to be taken against prison officers who smuggle in contraband items, such as drugs, mobiles, and weapons, for the pleasure of inmates and the profit of both parties.
  4. Bono lost his voice during a concert last night and it had to be abandoned.

Phew! Nothing going on in the Middle East that we need to know about. (Israel bombing Damascus again, threatening to use nuclear weapons on Iran.) Sundry American satellites “going dark”, throwing Britain’s GCHQ into a panic apparently, isn’t newsworthy. Ditto daily satellite imagery of increased methane releases in high northern latitudes being redacted or made unavailable. (The planet’s thermostat is being turned up.)

There is so much ‘Auntie’ doesn’t tell us. And what she does impart isn’t really news – or verifiably true much of the time.

But that’s what the UK regime wants – a docile, uninformed, confused, couldn’t really give a damn populace. The Beeb obliges its masters. Foxes and Wolves.

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