Alexander and Ruslan

AlexanderRuslanThese two fellows (Ruslan on the left) are alleged to have carried out the nerve agent attack in Salisbury in March. Appearances can be deceptive but they don’t look like highly trained assassins to me. We are told Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov are not their real names. They are “believed to be” from GRU, Russia’s military intelligence service. I watched Prime Minister May give her statement to the House yesterday and her narrative describing this attack on Britain was compelling. Echo chambers are available aplenty online for those who believe the UK regime’s story – and for those who think it is a pack of lies. Pick your own.

From the commentary and analysis I have read and watched today, I have been exercised by one peculiarity (among many).

Starting point: I accept that Theresa May is telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about Salisbury and the evil Russians. I am very disappointed, therefore, that extradition of Alexander and Ruslan is not being considered. The UK says this is because Russia has constitutional rules that prevent it from extraditing its citizens. This afternoon, Vassily Nebenzia, Russian envoy to the United Nations, seemed to be encouraging the UK to at least ask. I think the UK will pass on his invitation. The last thing May’s “government” wants is for President Putin to deliver the two men to London to face trial. Evidence of guilt will then have to be produced. And light may fall on UK regime dark deeds. Perfidious Albion will, I think, settle for the European Arrest Warrant (to demonstrate seriousness) and keep fingers crossed that Ruslan and Ludmilla stay within Federation borders for the rest of their lives.

I hope, one day, that whoever did attempt to do the Skripals harm, and by reckless action caused the death of Dawn Sturgess, will be brought to book and punished appropriately.

The 250 detectives who have spent the last few months watching CCTV and taking statements are now free to go in search of Real British Criminals who commit unspeakable offenses on an industrial scale that lead to way more than one death and infinitely more misery than has been ascribed to this Russian couple (and their masters).

Oh, please don’t bomb Syria again Mrs. M. Not in my name. And let Yulia go home.

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