The Law is a Ass

Mr Bumble uttered the immortal phrase 180 years ago and it is as true today as it was then. A small mercy is that the law in the UK had its eye opened outside the Old Bailey today when a large crowd gathered in support of Tommy Robinson. Why he had to attend court at all is a mystery. I think his case has been adjourned for three weeks. I heard nothing on lamestream about events in London today.

Charles Dickens put the words in Bumble’s mouth and a few yards from where the author stood in St Oswald’s churchyard, contemplating the tragedy of Elizabeth Cammish and Robert Snarr, George Lewis BATLEY, a lawyer, is keeping John Harvey WHISTON (The Third Son) company as they rest eternally. What would they make of their profession today?

Their corner by the south door is at its best on a sunny afternoon.


George’s grave is marked by the cross; John’s by the stone against the wall, next to the downspout.

I have been researching the BATLEY family and hoped to finish a brief article today. George married a CROSLAND, a daughter by Thomas Pearson Crosland’s third wife, Julia COUSINS. Thomas had previously been married to Julia’s younger sister, Maria Roch (or Roche) Cousins.  I had great difficulty tracing the marriage of Thomas and Julia, running them down eventually in Prussia (of all places). I may have the stories and relationships sorted out by tomorrow evening.

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