The Future

20181111RemembranceDog1_2mJust one of the canines who stood in the rain this morning at eleven, amongst the humans silently remembering the sacrifices previous generations made for us.

Maybe some of the bipeds spared a thought for Gus Hales over in Shropshire, on hunger strike to demonstrate how military personnel returning from overseas tours suffering mental trauma are treated by the government. Trident missiles cost about £17 million each, but assistance to combat PTSD can suddenly disappear when financial cuts have to be made.

And what of the future for UK citizens? Behind the scenes, below the radar, our military is being prepared for a very troubling mobilization – into the control of the unelected bureaucrats of the European Union. That’s the assertion of the investigative journalists who deliver the UK Column News. Watch Friday’s bulletin (from 4 minutes 45 seconds to about 12:30)  to decide for yourself if this is a bombshell. Goodbye Brexit?


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