Getting Colder

Frost Fair on the River Thames c.1683, by Thomas Wyke, engraved by James Stow, public domain

A YouTube recommendation this morning took me to my favourite fundamentalist Christian news channel where Rick Wiles and his henchmen told me all I wanted to know about the coming Mini Ice Age. It is going to arrive sooner than some have predicted and will last a lot longer, maybe over 300 years. Take THAT global warming.

I have been in the “we are toast” camp for the past decade and hoping to reach my eightieth year – and so be one of Dr Guy McPherson’s last men on earth. Our somewhat rude and primitive forebears weathered the last Maunder Minimum without much trouble so, perhaps mankind is saved and the Sixth Extinction will be stopped in its grievous tracks.

Rick informs us, sincerely if maybe not reliably, that the Earth’s thermostat will be turned right down in the winter of 2019/20. Even less time to wait than for human extinction in 2026.

In our post-truth world, the meeja may be no more truthful about the coming Big Freeze than about Brexit but there is one way of checking which way the wind is really blowing. Find a PWS near you on Weather Underground and log the temperatures and precipitation for each and every day. It won’t take many minutes out of your week and, for as long as there is still electricity you will be fairly certain which side is barking mad – the Warmists or the Coldists.

I had already chosen ten stations to follow, five in each hemisphere, hoping to detect the temperature rise forecast by the UK Met Office yesterday. Now I expect all my graphs to head south, so to speak. The Coldists are very sure of themselves. Flat Earthers too, come to think of it.

Here is a brief introduction to the subject. The TruNews bulletin will take a chunk out of your day if you watch it all.

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