Marchons! Marchons!

I was moved by the video of French policemen and women removing their helmets in solidarity with the Gilets Jaunes facing them across a few metres of pavement. When the people take to the streets of Paris again tomorrow, to protest their treatment by President Macron’s desperate regime, I hope nobody will be hurt. The same goes for Sunday when Britons gather in Whitehall to make their voices heard. Organizers of the Brexit March have made a number of pleas to their supporters not to react to provocation from those who don’t share their wish to have their nation returned to them. The City and Metropolitan police have promised to keep the “two sides” well apart but it is, sadly, in the interests of the ruling elite for there to be a violent confrontation. It is perhaps too early for the UK police to switch their traditional allegiance from the misleadingly named “Antifa” – but they’ll have to do it one day. (The times they are a-changing.) So why not begin on Sunday? There could be a lot of families with young children in London that day. Agents provocateurs and trouble-makers of every stripe, please stay away.

“Marchons!” doesn’t mean what I thought.

The term is thought to come from the French word marchons, which means \ “to move, \” and it is often used as a command to urge a dog team to commence pulling the sled.

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“Mush on,” in Alaska dog-train vernacular, means “march on,” being a corruption from the French word marchons.

The Young Alaskans 

I’m somewhat relieved that it isn’t a call to man the barricades and set up the guillotines – and amused by the doggie connection to Today’s Image.

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