The 17.4 million Brits who voted in 2016 to take back their nation’s sovereignty will realize very soon that they will not get the Brexit they wanted. Tomorrow there will be a “meaningful vote” in the House of Commons about a meaningless referendum. The silence regarding the UK regime’s ceding of control of its army, navy and airforce to the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels (so that they can become part of a unified European Union military machine) continues to be deafening. (We can’t leave Europe, and ourselves defenceless, can we?)

There is barely a whisper from the British Bullshit Corporation about what is really going on in France, presumably because the UK regime is fearful its citizens will catch yellow vest fever. They think the less we know about Macronic tyranny and guillotines, the better.

So, 17.4 million, what are we going to do to save our nation from the Dark Ages just around the corner?

A few days ago I overheard a fragment of conversation in town. “There’ll be a f****n’ civil war if we don’t come out of Europe. And there needs to be one an’ all.” I love the sound of Yorkshire commonsense in the morning.

We might try the politics of peace first. Leavers, please don’t vote for Cons, Labs or Libs ever again. A simple message, easily delivered. (You MUST vote for someone! UKIP and For Britain seem good choices to me but there’ll be plenty of new parties springing up.)

And don’t get too depressed about staying in Europe. The EU can’t survive much longer. A beta test for globalism gone bad.

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