Saturday in Salford

Nihal Arthanayake, a Radio Five Live presenter, told his audience this afternoon that a crowd of far right, racist bigots had gathered outside the BBC Studios in Salford last Saturday. If you want to know why they were there, watch Panodrama. I’m sure a lot of the people were ordinary citizens who have dutifully paid their TV licence fees for years, and probably once had good things to say about ‘Auntie’. Having been smeared by someone whose wages they help to pay, they may now wish to reconsider.

Today’s Image

The Filey Weather Station, IFILEY2, reported an average temperature of -0.2°C on this day last year. As I write, the average temperature today is 8.6°C. It felt warmer this afternoon than yesterday, but the maximum reported is only 15.8, compared with yesterday’s 17.9°C.

Thirty miles north of here, the Whitby Station, INORTHYO14, put yesterday’s maximum at 21.5°C. Hmm. Higher than the February record reported at Kew. Personal weather stations hosted on Weather Underground can be eccentric. Sandsend, just north of Whitby, is currently reporting a temperature of 140°F. So when I offer my reports on the Northern Winter and Southern Summer in a couple of days, you should treat them with caution!

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