Put it to the People!

“Hundreds of thousands” of well-meaning folk flocked to London today to call for a Second Referendum on leaving or remaining in the European Union. The votes almost three years ago of 17.4 million sensible people have, it seems, been dismissed as an irrelevance. I for one knew what I was voting for back then and have not changed my mind.

Screengrab from helicopter footage today, broadcast by BBC News.

Whatever happens in the next two weeks, months or years, this divided country is never going to heal. It is not intended to. Divide and conquer will continue to flourish while we sicken and die from political correctness and 5G.

A Second Referendum is pointless, though I would welcome one with the same binary choice as last time. Having seen the way the European Union has treated us over the last three years I reckon LEAVE would win by a much bigger majority.

Our rulers, though, are mostly REMAINERS, so if there is a second “People’s Vote” they will choose questions that make remaining inevitable.

I’m sure the wretched Parliament in Westminster will not bother putting anything to the people. The MPs don’t like us and may try revoking Article 50, hoping the EU will agree to the UK staying as a member of the “superstate”. Manu the Weasel may become an unlikely hero for Brexiteers by saying “non” to that.

I suppose, collectively, we’ll get the imposed future we deserve – if we (all of us, together) don’t resist and fight for something better. I know, it’s not going to happen.

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