Someone told me a few days ago that “all governments are criminal enterprises”. It is always pleasing to get confirmation about things you know already (in your heart of hearts) but perhaps have not gotten round to articulating.

Gangs of criminals come and go. Some misrule for a generation or longer but eventually fall, to be replaced by an outfit that may be even worse. It is the lot of the ordinary citizen to watch the elites enrich themselves at the expense in money, sweat and blood of the lower orders”. Since the Agricultural Revolution, it has been this way.

The Internet has encouraged gubmints to add a new twist to what has for so long been bent.


Given the seriousness of the UK turning into a police state, soon to be mismanaged by the unelected bureaucrats of the European Union to the end of ITS days, I thought it would be OK to share this copyrighted cartoon. I was sad to discover that Ron Tandberg is no longer with us. I expect he got many other hypocrisies bang to rights (and hopefully never went to jail).

I’ve been reading Two Kinds of Truth by Michael Connelly and this morning at breakfast… Harry Bosch has returned from an undercover operation that almost went terminally wrong. Reunited with his daughter, Maddie, he tells her what had happened.

“Sorry,” he said. “Maybe you didn’t need to know all of that.”

“No, I did,” she said. “I can’t believe you volunteered for it. You were so lucky. What if you had gotten killed by those guys. I would have been all alone.”

“I’m sorry. I guess I figured you’d be all right. You’re strong. You’re on your own now. I know you have roommates but you’re independent. I thought…”

“Thanks a lot, Dad.”

“Look, I’m sorry. But I wanted to catch these guys. What that kid did, the son, was noble. When this all comes out, people will probably say he was stupid and naïve and didn’t know what he was doing. But they won’t know the truth. He was being noble. And there isn’t a lot of that out there in the world anymore. People lie, the president lies, corporations lie and cheat… The world is ugly and not many people are willing to stand up to it anymore. I didn’t want this kid to go by without…I didn’t want them to get away with it, I guess.”

pages 288, 289

Call out wrongs now in the UK, speak truth to power too loudly, and the regime will put you in chokey. But if Tess of the D’Underheads fails to honour the will of the people this week, as she has planned all along, perhaps there will be a chorus of righteous indignation. Too many voices to jail.

The 17.4 million can but hope.

Today’s Image

I walked up Long Lane to the North Cliffs this morning and almost trod on this fine fellow.


Because he didn’t leap away and had dryish warty skin I guessed toad rather than frog. I didn’t rub his back to check for poison – and was puzzled by the Big Eye. (I wonder if he was a lying toad.)

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