Deserve Better

The Labour Party wants my vote. Tough.

The political organization once beloved of the British working class has, at the highest level, been showing its contempt for democracy recently. At the grassroots, it clearly has no respect for English grammar.


Strike Three. Filey is part of Scarborough Borough. It is one thing for our town to be ignored – another to know that Scarborough is the fat cat that gets most of the cream, most of the time.

Getting Better

The annoyance triggered by Labour “literature” was soon dispelled by a rising star in the UK’s political firmament, Carl Benjamin. His three-minute description of British Politics in 2019 topped my YouTube recommendations this morning. Please watch, and if you are amused read a tranche of the comments too. If your face doesn’t get a joy ride, seek medical help immediately.

There is hope yet for us poor, shat upon Brits.

And if Sargon was not enough of a treat, happening upon a short video of AMW introducing TR, another prospective Member of the European Parliament, warmed the cockles this afternoon.

Troll on, mad lads and lasses.

But, seriously… Anne Marie’s view of the Labour Party.

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