Billy Ricky’s Three Mothers

Filey Genealogy & Connections states plainly that William RICKARD’s mother is Sarah HURRELL, who married James Rickard in Stoke Damerel, Devon in 1856. The parents’ birthplaces are correctly located in the West Riding of Yorkshire. So what were they doing in Devon?

FG&C has William as firstborn in 1862, another unlikelihood, but gives him four siblings which are, I think, just one short. It marries him to Hannah Maria LONG and is correct in naming their ten children.

On FamilySearch Tree, Hannah Maria is waiting for a husband William has a foothold on FST thanks to a christening source. His mother is “Ann”. Her maiden name is TURVER in the GRO Births Index and William has an older brother, George Thomas, born two years earlier, in 1861. James married Ann in Wakefield in the first quarter of 1857.

George Thomas has a bigger genealogical footprint on FST but is an only child. His mother (and William’s) died in 1865 aged 32. James married a widow, Sarah NICHOLSON, two years later when his boys were aged six and four. Sarah ASHTON (as was), bore James four children and died aged 58 in 1896. In the spring of 1900, James married a third time but death took Jane Eliza (born WEBSTER) eighteen months later.

I don’t suppose Billy Ricky had any memories of his birth mother. I wonder what his relationship with Sarah was like – and how many times he saw Jane Eliza before she died. In early 1901 his father and second stepmother were living in Garforth between Leeds and Tadcaster, while he was residing 70 miles distant in Queen Street, Filey, with Hannah Maria and five sons aged between one and fourteen.

Today’s Image

I went to Scarborough this morning and, after photographing some monuments in Dean Road Cemetery, wandered down Peaseholm Glen. And saw a path through ramsons!


When the petals fall and the leaves yellow the “carpet” will get rather slimy and very smelly, but a single stem is still something to behold.


The photograph was taken 13 June 2014; a Black Cliff specimen maybe, brought back to my flat so that I could pretend to be Karl Blossfeldt.

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