Vote, Vote, Vote…

This morning I put an X on a ballot paper for only the fourth time in 54 years. I voted for the political party that is rooted at the bottom of the opinion polls, not because of my life-long inclination to support The Underdog, but because I admire the party leader above any other right now. Gerard Batten is an accidental politician. Not the real thing. Too honest, too trustworthy, and he seems to care about his country and its people. The dirty, dirty smear merchants have given him a hard time but he has managed to remain calm, refusing to be bullied into any kind of submissive apology for perceived errors of judgement. (Throwing people under buses doesn’t seem to be his style.) I hope he will be re-elected to the top job at UKIP later this year.

I hope, too, that a few million of those who didn’t vote in the 2016 Referendum have turned out today, to vote whichever way they feel is right. It would be terrific if all the 33 million vote again too.

Had “Remain” won three years ago I would have accepted the outcome and not moaned for a re-run. I don’t much care what picture the results paint on Sunday evening. The UK regime clearly had no intention of leaving the European “Super State”. The likelihood is that we will be an EU colony for the duration. Not for generations to come because, as a species, we don’t have that long left. Probably. But, if climate change, the Sixth Mass Extinction or nuclear war doesn’t get us, maybe today’s young people will see the EU go the way of all empires. And wildly celebrate the throwing off of their shackles.

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