An unusual name for a boy. I have been engaged in “workhouse work”, adding peripheral people to families on FamilySearch before giving those with Filey connections their headstone photographs. When Lily ALDEN married John William in 1899 she acquired two in-law Cant Candler SHEPHERDs, a brother and father. The father’s mother was Elizabeth CANDLER. Her father was born in 1785, and it seems unlikely that he was Cant the First.

It appears that Elizabeth’s younger brother, Cant, went to the United States, married Millicent Holliday, had nine children with her and died in Shipman, Illinois on 8 December 1901 aged 82 ( four days short of his 83rd birthday). There’s a photo of his gravestone here.

Four thousand miles away and four months earlier, unrelated by blood but nonetheless connected, William Edwin ALDEN, Lily’s nephew, died a year and three days after he had been baptised in St Thomas’ Church, Gristhorpe.


In loving memory of WILLIAM EDWIN, the dearly loved child of WILLIAM AND MARY E. ALDEN of Gristhorpe, who died Aug 8th 1901, aged 13 months.

Also, MAGGIE their little child who died in infancy.

‘Suffer little children to come unto Me’

Also of WILLIAM ALDEN, dearly beloved husband of MARY E. ALDEN of Gristhorpe, died Sep 12th 1906, aged 37.

More on the Aldens tomorrow.

Election Results

I’m not sure what to make of them. My underdogs didn’t win a single seat. “UKIP is finished”. I’ve heard this a time or two today on the radio but consider it cant. (‘Hypocritical and sanctimonious talk, typically of a moral, religious, or political nature.’)

It wasn’t so long ago…

Ship Inn Yard, 20 May 2014

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