Missing Children

When William ANNIS filled out the 1911 census form he declared that his wife Mary had given birth to eight living children, of whom seven had subsequently died.

The survivor was Jane Alice (yesterday’s post). I had birth registrations for only three children, Jane 1, Jane 2 (I thought) and William in between. My search for the other five raised only one – a third Jane. This child replaced Survivor Jane but, rather disturbingly, her birth registration precedes the death of Jane 1. In the absence of birth registrations, I hoped to find notifications of the deaths of the missing children. I found nothing.

I looked in newspapers to see if father William had caught the attention of local journalists. The only story I turned up concerned a William Annis in Gloucester. Jane Alice’s father gave his birthplace as Gloucester at census time so, just maybe…

Gloucester Citizen 21 September 1889

Assault on an Old Man

James Goode was summoned by William Annis for assault at Flaxley Meend, on the 10th inst. From evidence it appeared that defendant called complainant, an old man, names, and on the latter threatening to throw a stone at him, he ran at him and gave him a blow on the head. Fined 10s. and costs or 14 days.

Our William would have been 65 at the time, with 22 years and three days of life ahead of him.


In loving memory of WILLIAM ANNIS, died Sep 13th 1911, aged 87.

Also MARY his wife, died Aug 29th 1913, aged 80

‘At rest’


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