When Yawls Collide

Bayes COWLING shared ownership of two yawls that feature in Captain Syd’s database. Sarah SH48 was almost certainly named after his wife, Sarah HUNTER. Jane Elizabeth SH70 was owned in partnership with his son Thomas Hunter COWLING, who had married Jane BROWN a few years before they bought the vessel. Her mother was Elizabeth BRYAN. What makes it seem more likely that these women inspired the name is that, in October 1887, the boat was rammed by the Good Samaritan – and the York Gazette called her “Jane and Elizabeth”.

On the morning of the 21st, both vessels were tacking to get clear of Filey Bay before heading for Scarborough…

…when the Good Samaritan collided with the Jane and Elizabeth, striking her abaft the fore rigging, and doing considerable damage.  The crew on board the Jane and Elizabeth were so alarmed that part leapt on board the colliding vessel. Their fears were, however, groundless, and they returned on board their own craft, and started the pump, as the vessel was making water. In this they were assisted by a portion of the crew of the Good Samaritan, and the damaged craft was safely brought into Scarborough.

Though a Scarborough vessel, Good Samaritan doesn’t appear in Captain Syd’s list.

Bayes was the granduncle of John William COWLING, who featured in the 4th June post, Bringing Jane into Focus. Bayes’ wife Sarah died 27 years before he did. Their headstone has been moved from their grave to the north wall of the churchyard.


In affectionate remembrance of SARAH, wife of BAYES COWLING,

who died Jun 5th 1870, aged 48 years.

‘Lo! the prisoner is released

Lightened of her fleshly load

Where the weary are at rest

She is gather’d home to God

Lo! the pain of life is past

All her warfare now is o’er

Death and hell behind are cast

Grief and suffering are no more’

Also of the above BAYES COWLING, who died Oct 9th 1897, aged 77 years.

‘Is not dead but sleeping’

Find Bayes and Sarah on FamilySearch Tree.

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